The narratives about Antifa thread

I can. You were referring to Asimov’s beliefs, which aren’t art, and talking about virtue. As you haven’t quoted the post you made people will need to scroll up to try to understand your point:

i’ll gladly address any contradictions i hold because i respect consistency and integrity. i believe having strong convictions is a virtue, but adjust accordingly to new information. Isaac Asimov said, “when stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent” caring about injustices and pointing out fascistic behavior… it’s not team sports to me, sorry.

you can say this about a lot of famous people, doesn’t make it right.

i was talking about my own beliefs. i should have chosen a perfectly clean subject to quote, you’re right. but it seems you’d prefer to pick a fight? juvenile, but okay.

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I’m not picking a fight. I’m trying to understand why you choose a proven sexual assaulter as an example of virtue.

If you prefer me to STFU I will.

i just learned that fact, from you, that’s why.

my bad bro.

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Everyday should be a learning experience.


How do you know these small antifa groups exist?

I believe I posted another article, with law enforcement mentioning the scope and lack of impact they have. But the article is in this thread somewhere if you care enough for the specifics.

Here’s another article though. I think it’s important we remember the significance of the antifa discussion, I’ve always posited it is an insignificant threat relative to other threats, that is being grossly exaggerated by bad faith actors.

A3: The threat from Antifa and other far-left networks is relatively small in the United States. The far-left includes a decentralized mix of actors. Anarchists, for example, are fundamentally opposed to the government and capitalism, and they have organized plots and attacks against government, capitalist, and globalization targets. Environmental and animal rights groups, such as the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front, have conducted small-scale attacks against businesses they perceive as exploiting the environment. Antifa followers have committed a tiny number of plots and attacks.

Based on a CSIS data set of 893 terrorist incidents in the United States between January 1994 and May 2020, attacks from left-wing perpetrators like Antifa made up a tiny percentage of overall terrorist attacks and casualties. Right-wing terrorists perpetrated the majority—57 percent—of all attacks and plots during this period, particularly those who were white supremacists, anti-government extremists, and involuntary celibates (or incels). In comparison, left-wing extremists orchestrated 25 percent of the incidents during this period, followed by 15 percent from religious terrorists, 3 percent from ethno-nationalists, and 0.7 percent from terrorists with other motives. In analyzing fatalities from terrorist attacks, religious terrorism has killed the largest number of individuals—3,086 people—primarily due to the attacks on September 11, 2001, which caused 2,977 deaths. In comparison, right-wing terrorist attacks caused 335 fatalities, left-wing attacks caused 22 deaths, and ethno-nationalist terrorists caused 5 deaths.
Viewed in this context, the threat from Antifa-associated actors in the United States is relatively small.

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Maybe this should be considered the first roots of antifa.

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That’s a “small group of friends”?

Just go back and find the article, it will answer your questions.

This is the roots of antifa:

Antifaschistische Aktion

In the postwar era, the historical organisation inspired new groups and networks, known as the wider antifa movement, many of which use the aesthetics of Antifaschistische Aktion , especially the antifa moniker and a modified version of its logo. During the Cold War, Antifaschistische Aktion had a dual legacy in East Germany and West Germany, respectively. In East Germany, it was considered part of the history and heritage of the KPD’s successor, the Socialist Unity Party of Germany. In West Germany, its aesthetics and name were embraced by Maoists and later autonomists from the 1970s. . . . In the United States, antifa of the early 21st-century has drawn its aesthetics and some of its tactics from Antifaschistische Aktion .[45]

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More reading for you.

But Antifa has no head or national organization, according to a Congressional Research Service analysis.

It described Antifa as “decentralized, consisting of independent, radical, like-minded groups and individuals.”

Mostly they are non-violent, the report says, but “a portion of antifa movement members are willing to commit crimes to promote their beliefs.”

Mark Bray, a Dartmouth University historian who wrote “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook,” said Monday that there are certainly Antifa activists involved, though their loose organization and small cells make it impossible to ascertain how many.

“Basically, there are nowhere near enough anarchists and members of antifa groups to have accomplished such breathtaking destruction on their own,” Bray wrote in the Washington Post.

Fits with the narrative. I would not trust the FBI to tell me the time in a room full of clocks. Funny how pro antifa (close prisons, acab, defund police) here do.
The video showing the Antifa goon near the woman shot and killed said it all.
I would say the agent provocateurs were probably secret service. It would not surprise me if that antifa goon is on their payroll. It’s not like he is going to get charged like some of the idiots that were around him.

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Well, I suppose this is where we part then, farewell!


All hail Q. Sieg… ah let’s not do that.


I have had that view since the 90s. Nice try with the Q nonsense which is probably run by them.

Q is not nonsense and totally nonsense at the same time, it is only the latest symbol for people like you who aim for a new world order made by your own wishful self-fulfilling prophecy. You are not anarchists nor nihilists(jdsmith), you stand for segregation, chaos, division and anti-democratic values. If you wish to continue that path, go on, just stop viewing yourself a US patriot and find something new.


Thanks for your honest assessment of how you think how I think. I can tell you, you were totally incorrect.
Q - I have never looked into any of it. Always thought it was a psyop…
What you claimed sounds exactly like those goons stand for in Portland.
Segregation is what the Antifa BLM goons support, division, chaos, anti-democratic values. Why would I want to support that? They do go futher though. They want to ban anything and cancel people they don’t like (which seems to becoming a more mainstream mindset).
One of your issues is it seems is you think all those that wanted Trump to win, think like the actor guy with the stupid hat who took selfies at the Hill.
Antifa are not US patriots.

never been on twitter. never used it, never will.
probably run by the fbi, just like 9/11, biden, and sliced bread.