The narratives about Antifa thread

it appears keeping the pressure on is getting somewhere. keep fighting the good fight.

“Portland got the idea from Eugene, where a nonprofit called Crisis Assistance Helping Out on the Streets, or CAHOOTS, has operated for 30 years. In 2019, it handled about 24,000 calls and only requested police backup about 150 times.”

“Portland’s program will be different—it will be staffed by city employees rather than nonprofit workers, for instance—but the goal is the same: to provide an appropriate response and, ideally, to avoid some of the bad outcomes, including police shootings, that disproportionately involve people suffering mental health crises.”

Antifa fight Nazis and White Supremacy … by threatening and harrassing a black guy outside a store.

I guess Antifa only “listen to black voices” if the black voices are saying something they approve of.

hey your video isn’t playing, even on youtube. we’ve been over this, skin color alone doesn’t determine whether or not you’re a fasho, being a fash determines whether or not you’re a fasho. look at tiny tarrio, leader of the proud boys.

but isn’t that typical, ignoring trends and populations and hand selecting the very few instances that seem to support your side.

you do know most antifa despise obama right?

Vandalizing a politician’s house because he won’t vote the way you want isn’t the good fight. It’s the same sort of political violence that Trump is advocating.

His decision against the Nov. 5 effort outraged a number of progressives and police reform advocates, some of whom marched to his home that evening and damaged the property. Others subsequently began organizing what they say will be a recall campaign against him this summer.

Ryan’s remarks about the ongoing vandalism come as Portland elected officials continue to be confronted — and sometimes threatened and intimidated — by members of the public who oppose their politics or the positions they take on issues.

Will they boycott Amazon? Will they direct their hostility toward Bezos and his Ministry of Propaganda? No.

My theory:

Given the current state we’re living in - which is monopoly of the infrastructure of capital and monopoly of infrastructure of information,

Global cartels (by nature anti-nationalism, anti-localization) support at local levels various aggressive if not militant leftists activists to wipe out SMB to stop true free-market competition.

(This may be the irony of marxists/communists/leftists knowingly working for tier-1 capitalists, and vice versa the same tier-1 capitalists knowingly strengthen these marxist groups to advance their own capitalist self-interest)

yes it is if it works. property can be replaced, human life can’t. that’s what insurance is for bro. the good fight is to save human lives. believing blm is the same as the trump folk who have been told they’re victims when they aren’t (at least, they are the least victimized of the working and middle class in america). not the same.

stick with what works.

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yes. ever heard of shopping local, food coops, mutual aid? portland has many. speak for yourself.

also, if the system is effed, apply pressure to change it. that’s kind of the entire idea. doesn’t usually go well for demonstrators if they’re in black bloc tho. think WTO protests in 2000. if you have a trump flag though you get special treatment up to a point, which we saw crossed last week, but that’s in a different thread.

zoned out after this sorry.

edit: i read it, sounds like baseless conspiracy. extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. or any evidence would be good.

Oh the commune? I’m sure that where you find Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and Michelle Obama getting their milk and egg.

Did you have those coops in the People’s Republic of CHAZ too?

are you implying the people you just mentioned are antifascist protestors? i hope not, because that demonstrate how woefully uninformed you really are.

you’re being snarky. yes there was food distributed in the chaz/chop. i wasn’t there.
a coop is a business model by the way in case you were unclear, one owned and operated by workers, focused on local and sustainable products.

I am implying that the top echelon of capitalism (nowadays mostly Big Tech) and the “bottom feeders (Antifa/BLM) ” willingly collude together to persecute the middle class, in an rather ironic way.

The top and bottom are teammates. Both prefer a world of herd mentality and collectivism.

Animal Farm poses no threat to Bezos’ Whole Foods. That’s why Bezos find the leftists ideal political allies.

bruh are you hearing yourself? let’s just go ahead and agree to disagree on this one ok?

Antifa trying to ban Andy Ngo’s book on them has pushed it up to #1 on Amazon.

Another grifter finding his suckers, imagine spending money and time beholden to this industry.


Get a life, a tip for you and me.

Ha ha.



Says the poster regularly sharing things fitting with a narrative.

Thanks for your assessment of how you think how they think…

In the words of a wise man, Fits with the narrative.

It warms my heart to see people passionate about reading again.

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