The Podcast Thread

Alert! Alert! New Hardcore History from Dan Carlin has dropped. Level 3 is the perfect time to listen to another 6 hour installment.


Part 6?

Helen Pluckrose: Anti-scientific and counter-enlightenment ideas are certainly not limited to postmodern thought, but Foucault is particularly influential here because of his look historically at sexuality and at madness. And there’s some basis in there. We really have changed the way we see homosexuality. It was understood as a heinous sin for centuries. Then it was understood as a sexual disorder. Now it’s just something some people are and everyone else needs to get over it. So we know that culture exists. We know that ideas change, but this is where the postmodernists and Foucault and the queer theorists in particular get extreme and neurotic. They don’t recognize the changing attitudes towards sexuality as progress brought about by the development of a liberal society. But they believe that because ideas have been oppressive before, they still are, and we still have to dismantle everything. It’s very odd that the people who described themselves as progressives are the ones who are least likely to believe in progress.

Any smasher of Foucault is a friend of mine.

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Dan Carlin hardcore history Supernova in the East part 6.

I’m saving this for my next road trip, but I’m itching to start listening right now.

I’m currently 2 hours into The Celtic Holocaust, Show 60, that is of course phenomenal.



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Reading her and James Lindsay’s book now Cynical Theories, good stuff.

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I listened to “Call Her Daddy” a few times. Curious at first, then gets old REALLY fast.

Immature cute screaming stupidity about sex.

Going to Spotify for as much as $20 million.

I think I’m generally going to avoid anything desperate enough to to only make themselves available on Spotify.

Stumbled upon Conan Needs A Friend and this episode is quite funny.

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He is a treasure and must be protected at all costs.

This is so on point.

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A couple of my favourites that haven’t been mentioned yet:

  • Lex Fridman - Predominantly science focused, but occasionally goes in to other areas like politics and economics

  • Philosophize This! - Goes (mostly chronologically) through the history of philosophy from the pre-Socratics to today


Speaking about philosophy podcasts The Panpsychast is one of my favorites. Especially the ones about Kierkegaard and Flowers for Algernon.


Didn’t know that Danica Patrick had a podcast channel.

She’s actually really smart and enjoyable to listen to.

She had Jordan Peterson on last.

But of course, for sports fans, the interview you want to watch first is with her former bf, who turns out too be nerdily smart too. :slight_smile:

I follow Jordan Peterson’s daughter too. They often are on together.

Just learned that it’s possible to save highlights in both audio and text from podcasts.

Aiir is one app that does it. Just say “Take an AirrQuote” when listening to a podcast and it saves the last 30-45 seconds.


There are three NBA podcasts I am following hosted by current/retired players.

Love all of the hosts. So many great inside stories.

J.J. Redick (co-host Tommy Alter)

Duncan Robinson (co-host Davis Reid)

Matt Barnes/Stephen Jackson

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