The Post-Pelosi Chinese Aggression Thread

this is true. but gotta push harder faster. The fact we have a more or less sane president for once also helps. Ma and Chen were both a bit fucked up.

I guess I just dont share the optimism that we are on Taiwans timeline and we can wait forever. I feel we are borrowed time, and the world needs to start waking up. I mean, these things are out there, spouted by the CCP themselves. so its far from some conspiracy theory that actions need to be taken. and the action of saying “We ~xyz country~ recognize Taiwan asa country and fellow democracy with like beliefs and goals” is really not a hard thing to do. regardless of the people scared of CCP threats. this is actually a simple thing to do. After all the us just flipped the switch on Taiwan and went to china without hesitation… so it cant be that hard.

it is obvious why, and that’s the elephant in the room not many are comfortable admitting because we are all guilty.

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Got to meet Xi? like its a privilege ? lol. All Ma did was sell out Taiwan to china and he got the privelage to kneel down to his owner.

not great.

We are still suffering today from president Ma’s great sell out to china :frowning:

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I don’t think anyone on this thread is that optimistic. I certainly pity the fool that buys property here (sorry, @marco, for the Mr. T reference)

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I agree but this means that, while small, all of us need to regularly contact our MPs/reps.

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Chinas main strategy is isolation as they currently don’t have the military capabilities to make taking the island a sure thing even with Taiwan on it’s own. It can probably be done but it would be ugly at best.

Anyone saying Pelosi or others shouldn’t visit is just playing into China’s strategy. If no one can normalize relations with Taiwan, might as well sign up as a SAR now.

Yes, there are risks in trying to normalize relations. But anyone who believe playing into Chinas strategy of isolation is safer is just fooling themselves with the illusion of safety at this point. China will invade one day on the current path if Taiwan continues to be isolated.


couldn’t agree more. but not stop there, many easy things we can do with limited impact on our daily lives.

Eh, worst comes to worst, I’ll scalp it to some Chinese sod after the revolution.

I have a flow chart for this very thing.


Agreed. But my point is that even so, his loyalty is questionable, or at least, he can make it look so. For his own benefit, of course.

Perhaps this whole threads back and forth can be summed up with this.

there are 2 types of person.

loyalty = ethics


loyalty = $ (or € £ ¥ 元 etc) and the issue with going the china route is the $ is very much a short term situation, not a long term one.


I’ll tell you guys what the Pelosi visit did.

I’m in Italy right now and it’s front page news cycle. A bit over dramatic as the media does. But now the Taiwan China issue can no longer be ignored. Countries around the world are shocked China would threaten Pelosi as well.

At the very least, this issue can’t be ignored for countries now if the US is involved. You can be sure for many US Allies, they won’t be able to just sit on the side. They will need to think about this seriously in the coming days.


I really hope he doesn’t know more than what we know.

I do hope you are right. but I fear sitting on the side has been happening so long, they may have forgotten how to even stand up.

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I can’t say if anyone will stand up. But at the very least, it’s going to be something countries will have to discuss internally.

I can’t say much positives about Pelosi but she was brave to have come even if it might be a distraction from her husband.


The diplomatic corps folks I met during his presidency (2000-2008) told me quietly how frustrating it was to work with his administration. The Chen administration would say they’d do this, then without blinking they would zing in another direction. Not the best days. :neutral_face:


he was a wild card. even the strong DPP supporters will concede that, at least to non chinese kmt members.

But, he was a neccessary loose cannon I feel. he probably deserves to be in jail, and that was necessary to get what we have today as well. with the exception of the great selling out in the previous administration, the advancement of taiwans government has been a nice thing to see. It could have very easily gone the polar opposite.


It is a feature, not a bug.

I think you mean DPP.

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You haven’t heard of the Democracy or Die Party? :slightly_smiling_face:



DDP is usually what wumaos say. I don’t know why

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damn, thanks for correcting. didn’t know wumaos say that, but in this situation I will go back an edit. dont want to be labelled one of them folk.

was a typo, to be clear :slight_smile: