The Pun is Mightier Than The Sword

Dear Golfers of Taiwan,

Our baseball team is finding it difficult to find places to practice. Next time you golfers are out on a course, can you look for an area off to the side of the fairways that we might be able to use for baseball practice?

In other words, can you find a diamond in the rough?

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The thread title warned you.

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that’s even after the warning.

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Do teachers in Taiwan feel like Jack Kevorkian? I mean, all that youth in Asia…

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I don’t want to get into any political discussion here…I just wanted to note that there is a bipartisan bill in Congress to allow medical marijuana to treat arthritis. In other words, it would be joint support for joint support for joint support.


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No arthritis there.

I’m happy to say I now run a support group for compulsive talkers…

On Anon Anon.

It may just be a hash-up of old talk and half-baked legislation?
Time they took the high road, even if it is full of Potholes, weeds and stoners

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I had no idea how bad splinters could be,

until I saw one in the flesh!

“At the Narcissism Treatment Center You Are Always #1

So, I interviewed a teacher for a job I am seeking to fill today. I didn’t hire her because she was cross-eyed.

She obviously couldn’t control her pupils.

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I pulled over the car and burst into tears.

It’s always nice to have a shoulder to cry on.

I never thought @Toe_Save was so pun-itive!

You don’t know Toe.

You’re just like my ex!
She dumped me when she found out I was missing a Toe…
Apparently she’s lack-toes intolerant.


You nailed it @RickRoll

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Milk that cheese for all its worth.