The Taiwan Salary Increases Thread

I don’t want to work in construction, man.

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Electronics ?

Maybe. If some race war erupts in the US, I’ll flee to Taiwan, live in my mom’s currently idle apartment in Taichung, and teach English until I can find a data science job coding in Python.

Then Taiwanese chicks would be all over my 理科 master’s degree from a famous American school. I’d also try to date one of those Eastern European beauties ostensibly here for an MBA.

I need to figure out what to do with my properties in the US.

Society will never accept me 100% but hopefully my extended family will.

TAIPEI – Tighter U.S. sanctions against China’s Huawei Technologies announced in May 2020 shifted the global semiconductor supply chain in a way nobody had expected, with a flood of orders enriching Taiwanese foundries and changing the island’s landscape. The boom is palpable in Hsinchu, where Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has its headquarters. There, the company’s recent success has fueled a buying spree in luxury condominiums.


Still haven’t seen much about these salary increases though they should be working through now a bit.
Yeah Hsinchu does look like it is booming. The whole area outside is being developed and also into Taichung area for the extended central science park,new chip factories keep sprouting up there .
These factories are using a lot of water though.

How much you expect for data job?

I’m not looking that far ahead.

I’ll throw a Forumosa party in Taichung when I get there, that’s all I know at this point.

This is satire?? LOL

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Inflation was actually negative in 2020, probably because of the pandemic.

But considering UMC’s revenues increased 19% in 2020, 6% increase in pay is very low income elasticity.

Few important points, from the president of Digitimes:

  1. A UMC engineer makes six digits in US money annually.
  2. TSMC wants 9,000 researchers but Taiwan graduates only 6,000. Well, there are 30 million Malaysians, a lot of them 華人, and a lot of them studied in Taiwan. He talked to the president of Qualcomm Taiwan, who was born in Penang, about that. He said Taiwan’s immigration laws are unfriendly toward professionals, including the ARC.
  3. Only about 12% of China’s EE grads to into semiconductors, because they don’t see it as a widespread winning industry like Taiwan does. In Taiwan all the EE grads work for TSMC, UMC, and Mediatek, no issues.

Very parochial just looking at Malaysia , I know there are many Malaysian immigrants here as white collars though .

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What does being 華人 have to do with anything? Language? Docile workforce?

Didn’t say why. I’d imagine probably that and they’re more likely willing to come.

Highest year-end bonuses ever.

That’s great but I remember reading these announcements in years when I didn’t get a bonus, my heart would sink.


Two sources are saying Samsung has sold UMC equipment to get them to expand and feed them chips for their TVs.

Strange twist of events for Taiwan’s #1 economic and baseball rivalry.

Wealth effect.