The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


I was not ready for summer weather, felt like there was zero transition. One day it was high 27 the next day turned into high 34.


Hear, hear. I feel like I got hit by a bus.


Worse than typhoon weather awaits us next week. Forecast says 120 hours of continuous rain. Heavy monsoon rain.

Prepare accordingly. And no, it does not mean a beer run. With typhoons, we may get a day off. Rain? Are you kidding? Unless the Executive Yuan floods, I don’t think so.


It’s raining a bit here.


Well, it is sunny in Xindian, but the Maokong gondola has stopped because of thunderstorms.

The air is so muggy.


According to wunderground, a wall of water is indeed scheduled to hit Taipei City starting around Wednesday morning. But the amounts of precipitation they are forecasting are not (yet?) alarming: 39mm on Wednesday, tapering off to 29mm on Thursday and 25mm on Friday. Of course things can shift, and suddenly. And perhaps things will be more extreme in other parts of the island. But for now, I think we can just wait and see.



Remember, buddy

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight
Red sky at morning, sailor’s warning


I would keep an eye on the Japanese forecast. They tend to be more accurate.

Anyways let’s hope for less rain and no destruction.


Yes indeed!



This was ‘red sky in the middle of the night’, which is not something i think i’ve seen before - it was close to a full moon so i guess that had something to do with it.

The lightning was quite weird - went outside to check it out and could see it flickering around me traveling horizontally and just a few feet away - that’s something i have seen a couple of times before here - and then there were sparks coming out of an outside power point. At that stage i decided to go back inside!

The thing was that it wasn’t a direct strike - there was still a few seconds delay before the thunder - which was incredibly loud and long

Today we’ve got the full heat brutality going - i see there’s an apparent temp of 41C in Taipei for today and tomorrow - so a bit of an Extreme Temper Warning for anyone stuck outside and trying to get stuff done


It felt more like typical pre typhoon weather.


Dark n wet Taipei now. Typhoons aren’t this dark.


Went to do some local tourism around Toucheng/Sanxia area. I wanted to go back home and change clothes for I was sweating a lot. Going down the mountain I got totally soaked by a short rain that left pools of water in several roads around. When I finally got home, my neighbourhood was dry was dry as that half lemon in your fridge…

32.9 ºC in my room.


Funny you should say that - a Tropical Depression has formed south of Taiwan!

Not forecast to come here or develop but it is forecast to feed into the meiyu front due to arrive over Taiwan in a few days - that might ramp up the rain even further


The TD off the west coast of PPE appears to have bulked up over night and may already be a TS

It will be interesting to see what happens when it links up with the front coming down from the north - both of those systems are now clearly visible on the sat image


Furious sunshine out there. Bedspreads were dry in less than half an hour.


This is a kind of ‘perfect storm’ type scenario - a Tropical Storm feeding moisture into a substantial meiyu front

Way too early to say, and maybe it will have the opposite effect, but i wonder if they will consider pre-declaring a day-off? Never been done for a non-typhoon weather event (has it?), but the recent deluge may have changed the thinking as CWB copped a bit of flak


When is that expected to hit?

Stprm day? Mmmm


Went to WaiAo today and heard lots of thunders behind the mountains. Then some lightnings in the South of Yilan, and then it rained a bit even in WaiAo, which until then remained dry.

It rained quite a bit on the way back home.


I see that to be highly unlikely to happen. Lao Ban all across the island will be beyond pissed off to see that it just turned out to be some thunder showers.

I was out in the heat both mornings to cycle and it was very clear that my GPS unit was lying when it said 27C at 500m above sea level. Felt more like 37C.

What sucks about the rainfall is that it’s really not cooling down the temps too much and also making humidity levels sky rocket.