The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017




Just kidding… Seems that government is preparing for the worst. But no reason for alarmism.


Those little fellows really have their feet on the ground and are in touch with the earth.


What are those things? And yes, little creatures can sense things happening (on the rock ).


Millipedes, I think.


So it begins!

We will get an indication of how much this storm is packing in the next hour by the looks

Frontline at this stage is the mid to north west coast

Edit, 745am: Rainfall is currently around the 30 mil per hour mark from Taoyuan to Tainan - which is heavy rain but not destructive


You can track wind, rain, snow etc


I knew someone would catch that…I didn’t know that person was going to be a talking raccoon.

Scooter ride this morning to work was mid heavy rain. Last week’s onslaught was worse, I’m looking forward to going back out into it during lunch.


Heavy to very heavy rain near Taichung harbor


Some of the wettest days in Taiwan are also some of the hottest. Which really bumps up with the humidity.

I like using because it tells the actual temperature and the “feels like” temperature which factors in the humidity.


Pretty heavy wind and rain here in Guanyin near the airport. But according to, the heavy stuff will hit here in about an hour or two.


Never experienced so much rain BEFORE the typhoon season. Guess we are all getting used to “Never experienced…” weather events. Better too wet than too dry, but bad for any farmer out there.


On the bright side…


…until it gets too muddy for the filters to work and they shut the water down.


Taoyuan is up to 200+ mil for the day and Miaoli is currently getting hammered and looks like Keelung is copping it as well

Rain appears to be intensifying on the radar so it’s gonna be a wet commute home


Exactly 5 years (and 2 days) ago my scooter was flooded in Zhongli. My entire street in Zhongyuan was about thigh-deep. The water level at one point was above my scooter’s headlights.

My coworker said her FB just reminded her about the rain/flooding 2 years ago today.


Drinking weather!!!


Maybe don’t park there tonight! It’s not at flash flood levels as yet in Taipei but Taichung and Miaoli should be on alert


FB also gave me a reminder that 8 years ago today I was complaining about the rain. I was back in the states at the time, but it’s actually pretty funny. I wouldn’t be surprised if it rained

Damn you June 14

I swear I’m not actually creating these memes…


And in Guatemala, they were having heavy rains just like theis when… a 7 pointer struck… off the coast, but quite awful.