The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


No need for tricks, people start falling like leave sin autumm. But they refuse to get on the ambulance. Gotta keep working…


Well there you go, be a trend setter and get a nice afternoon lounging in the ER, don’t forget to bring your Kindle.


Is this not a textbook example of the phrase “penny wise, pound foolish”?

My lovely workplace does not impose restrictions on the use of air conditioning (thank god)–but it invests nothing in cleaning, basic maintenance, or the quality of initial design. The powers that be think they are saving money, but the hidden costs of such meanness elude them entirely.



As per CWB, 37.1 degrees at 11:50 AM. Hope my pets are OK.

25 degrees in the bunker - someone has been playing with the AC, maybe hoping it will take longer to cool down if it is cooler.


Depends how you liked them cooked, they’re going for medium/well right now.


I got 99 on my Garmin. I don’t know what 99 means but I’m hoping to break 100 today.


37.9 as of 1pm…


My Garmin was showing 44C yesterday on my ride home from Nangang to Song Shan.

Pretty sure it wasn’t over 40C, but sure felt that way.


38.3 in Taipei.立秋好熱-台北上午高溫飆37-2度-032057520.html

Just shot to 29 in the bunker. It was nice knowing you all.


Happy today didn’t went to office today but working at home, boss is having family time somewhere. This weather is really like an oven anyway got “heat rash” on both of my arms.

I could take a short nap probably longer, tomorrow back to normal.


Looks like it’s maxed out at 38.5C (according to CWB - though some of their figures do seem a bit odd at times)

That’s bloody hot but still short of the record


Incoming thunderstorm, boys!


Real Feel says 46.



36.6 outside in Taipei as of 2:10 pm per CWB

31 degrees in the bunker as per my thermonmether and the sweat going down my back. Help!


Isn’t that 2 degrees colder than yesterday?



Currently devising a swamp cooler of sorts. Desperation plus Latin American ingenuity beter known as malicia indigena.


don’t complain… I’m frozen…