The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Meanwhile in Japan it’s sunny and in the 20s :smile:


In the old country is 17 degrees…in the daytime…


That’s your fantasy in this heat? Here’s mine. A drive along the coast in sunny (but not sweltering) California.

Okay, let’s go.
How about that little place that sells fish tacos?
It’s a nice drive along the coast. Perfect for the Camaro.
Bring your jacket. I want to roll down the windows and smell the ocean air.
How about we stop by the beach on the way back?
Then let’s bring the little cooler and get a couple of beers to go at the restaurant.


its hell. but hey when it finally cools off the rest of 2017 year should be comfortable.


Growing up in coastal California really ruined the weather for me. Basically anywhere else sucks in comparison. Cool and sunny weather most of the year? Thanks, California…


What stops you, just north of Tamsui, on the beach … everything you want.


On the bike path or thereabouts? If not, do you have an address?


Tell Dazza th’ bear sent you. He’ll give you a free paua fritter.


Save us from yet another Cali-tard


I will ignore that, as it is the best option in treating the dotard who, hard of hearing, is uttering only what he wants to say.


There you go…
Just check with them beforehand, they have some irregular opening times, especially for their Qianshuiwan beach hut.


Where is your old country?


Didn’t realize it was Dazzler’s yesterday. I’ve been to the restaurant at Baishawan. Fish and chips together with some great British beer really, really hits the spot. Hot again today, huh? (keeping things relevant)




I see a spike in the precipitation graph on Weather Underground for tomorrow afternoon. Which hopefully puts an end to the daily 35+ temps.


There’s some cold(ish) fronts coming from the North, so there’s definitely going to be a drop in temperatures as soon as the wind passes Korea/Japan and reaches us.


That’s Pepe’s happy face, BTW.


Yeah - and the my AQI app also forecasts that the pollution will get worse.

Just to be a total, total downer.

It would be nice if going outside to buy some milk and eggs no longer felt like an arduous task.


He’s staring at the small paper boat, using it as a physical and metaphorical way to escape the cold embrace of Death by bringing back memories of his childhood.
These briefs flashes of his juvenile self bring him some joy. Unfortunately, everything is bound to be washed away by the relentless rain. Pepe knows this, he’s perfectly aware of the ultimate futility of his actions, but regardless of that he needs to fulfill the human/amphibians necessity for an ultimate goal, a force that both drives you and lures you forward at the same time.


Like I said, his happy face!