The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


This isn’t even Summertime Hot, this is like Something’s Wrong Hot.


Look on the positive side. I can wash a pair of jeans and have them dry within 30 mins on my balcony.

Every cloud has a silver lining, except when there are no clouds, just relentless heat.


I was going to say something similar. However, the electricity we save by not using the dehumidifier for clothes, we use for AC in the evenings.


And I can’t take a cold shower, as the water tank is over heated. Need to cool off in the river.


I have a similar issue in the afternoon; the pipe that brings water to our apartment faces to the West, so in the afternoon it gets non-stop sun. We have free hot water, yay! For some tasks it can be quite annoying.


Also on the plus side: the sun is at least not beating straight down on our heads at mid-day. The slight angle of fall sunshine at least creates some shade!



I need to make it down to that place they call Gong guan.

I’m getting beat in the head up here in Zhongshan.


37.1 degrees yesterday.

Guy came to fix AC. All good and done. Why has heat not ceased then you ask? Because half an hour later it was making the funny noise again. That is what free stuff gets ya.


Time to fire up that swamp cooler again!


I drive through GG coming and going every day, it seems as beastly as anywhere else.
Maybe there’s a cooling breeze right down on the river bank, but otherwise…


I come from a family of handymen and construction workers. Nothing grinds my gears more than half passed jobs. And the aggravation here is two fold. Taking the day off for this?!

And the day is not over. I still have to wait for the Chunghwa guy. Yep, he is coming for the third time. He ain’t happy. Neither am I. No Internet and no land line.

And no word from the cable guy … He is MIA.


Indian here. No cooling breeze. Muzha maybe?

Maybe a movie theater. Malls get too crowded.


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I would expect you’d be used to the heat.


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Ha-ha. I thought the “Indian” was a reference to Indian summer. Although I guess in Taiwan it would be an Aboriginal summer.




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