The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


It’s called hot coffee…drink it! Or maybe you could get one of those obnoxious exercise ball chair thingies, get your blood flowing a little. Treadmill desk?


Works best when you lean way back and rest your laptop on your abdomen. It helps if you have a beer belly.


Computer is hooked up to too many things to put on my body.

Still working on that beer belly. Stupid good for nothing cycling every week isn’t helping.

In weather news, seems like the cold and rainy days are behind us. Temps for the rest of the week seem dry and warm(er).


It is called high blood pressure… I already had two coffees and two green teas… :sob:

That’s it. Tomorrow I am getting those chemical bomb thinghies, luan bao. Two for the feet, two for the hands. Wait. One for the head.


I remember another story in the news about a guy scorching his balls, but a quick search doesn’t turn it up. There’s a fine line between “toasty” and “toast”!



Any news about the electric things then?


You mean like this one?

Love the name. I can see the tagline: “So warm it’s like peeing in your hand!”

And the design makes it look like some kind of strange feminine product…


Indeed. It looks like something you may find in Cosmopolitan.

Actually, I am really worried. Seems it will get down to 8 degrees. Gotta figure out a safe way of keeping the kittens warm…without burning down the place. These are the days I wished I lived in a newer home, one with an updated electrical system.


With a modern Kerosene heater it’s not an issue unless you’re deliberately shoving paper into the innards and even then it will auto shut down. Stick an oil filled radiator under your desk if you’re that concerned and that cold.


Nah, they wouldn’t allow it. Bad enough with all the smuggled extra electric fans I have.

Miss my tuna powered purring heaters. They make it hard to breathe but keep you warm.


You mean they sit on your face? Kinky…



Then it would be impossible to breathe.

They just sit their fat derrieres or lie down their wide tummies on me chest.


So, they said that it may get a bit warmer… In Taipei, there is this cat hair drizzled, accompanied by a steely cold wind.

Hence, it looks like:

And it feels like:


It’s not raining outside where I am. You really need to get an office with some windows.:slight_smile:


No need to mention the weather here in Yilan xD


Cat hair drizzle? Or cats and dogs?


Now it’s not too bad, I can see 80/100m away. A couple of hours ago there was a wall of rain.


Well, it was raining when I stepped outside from one building to the other. Now it is one gray mass…

I need a window with a view like sunshine.

The bed. The icy feeling we got it here.


Looks pretty cozy to me…all you need is a couple of tuna-powered purring heaters and you’re set! Sun, sun, sun…I’m beginning to think Icon must have S.A.D. or something.


Problem with the tuna powered heaters is that they do not want to get up in the morning. Every morning, I must shake them off like bread crumbs to the floor in order to make the bed. Dog is worse. Dog digs in.

Las time we had sun was Sunday. Obviously.