The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


There was a group of people swept away and drowned while they were river tracing in Xindian just a year or so ago.


No wonder yesterday was so uncomfortable: 38.6 record breaking temp. They keep promising it will get cooler…


I hope that report isn’t just playing with my emotions. I’m in a fragile state right now, weather-wise.


My app now shows a 100% chance of thunderstorms tonight. If it doesn’t happen there’s going to be trouble.


Radar shows a lot of red coming in from the west.

The sky is full of lightning here in Tamsui, although still some 50km away …


Forecast I’m looking at shows 36 on Monday.


Oh oh…


Yes they are. From a high of 38 and 37 they predict a drop to… 35.

I could say a lot of things but mostly in Spanish…


Oh, yeah, beautiful rain is a fallin’.


Where? Where!


Not in Taipei City’s Gongguan, that’s for sure.

Where is that bear?



Xindian! Rain! Finally. Ah, to go to sleep rocked by melodic drops…

Wait a second. That is not normal rain. That is a deluge. It sounds more like a wanna be Metallica band at practice in a basement. A deep basement.

As long as tomorrow is cooler…


Yeah, raining :umbrella:


CWB issued a warning of heavy rain for all of Taiwan.


For when, December?


Heavy rain in some parts of yilan.

It begins.

If I wanted to start a Mad Max like diary of life in the countryside of Yilan during winter, which section of the forum would be ideal? It would be 100% shitposting. I’m thinking of “international politics”, but I’m open to suggestions.


The answer is obvious: Religion & Spirituality.


Holy shit, that’s perfect. Once I get my hand on a tool that allows me to connect to the interwebz and interact with fellow hoomans without a god forsaken touch screen, I’ll start working on it.


Just one caveat. If you wanna get right with the Big Guy in the Sky, you’re gonna need to wean yourself off the profanities, fer fuck’s sake.


Pleasant rain in Tainan. Pizza shop street thermometer (which is surely infallible) shows 24c, down from 29c a few hours later than this yesterday.