The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Although it’s a bit early for the Meiyu, there seems to be a meiyu-like front about to hit Taiwan tomorrow. Should bring some serious thunder and lightning storms and some decent downpours

Hopefully it extends down to the south where we haven’t had any real rain since November


Waiting for a report from hermana @Icon on the conditions in her bunker.


Holy smokes was it hot in Taipei this morning. Now I’m awaiting the impending crash down. Lather, rinse, repeat!



They all float down there…


beach time…not enough beaches here sadly. unless those star shaped rock things can be considered a beach.


I got 35 degrees in Taipei. Surely a record for April no?


Hermana Icon is alive. They turned on the AC without the need for fainting spells, picketing naked or shaming press reports.


cool you got new name :slight_smile:

Hermana Icon


Problem is that sounds like I am a Catholic nun…nothing further from the truth, LOL.



Yes Sister:grin:


35.5 so far.有夏天的感覺-台北中午高溫35-4度-050257752.html

My poor pets!


Please note we will have torrential rains all the way down to Taichung starting tonite. Thursday we will be 17 degrees in Taipei. Back to 31 degrees on Saturday.

I hate Taipei.


This is what I hate the most. It takes me around a week to get acclimated to the hotter weather. I don’t like it, but I can adjust to it. Then you give us a taste of the cool weather again, and I have to start my acclimation all over again from scratch! The weather god is toying with me like a cat with a cockroach.


My kiddo get sick easily every time the weather spike to hot and low temperature.


We all have the sniffles at the office.


Looks like Jiayi and maybe Tainan are getting the first impact - with quite a bit more on the radar to feed in overnight


Forecast says 16 degrees for the weekend, do not put your winter clothes away just yet…


At the current rate we’re going, we’ll need our winter clothes in summer and summer clothes during winter.

Back to what I recall as normal spring weather.


The worst thing about Taipei is the weather.


Are you sure the worst part isn’t the awful temple music every week? Sounds like a thousand swarming bees fighting an army of a hundred toddlers with drums. I’d rather take a double dose of rain.