The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Ha, they just passed here.


I used to live surrounded by 8 temples and an elementary school. Didn’t last long there.


Yep, it’s crazy making stuff. The instrument that tortures my ear the most is the one that sounds like a mortally wounded bagpipe.


I think it’s supposed to sound bad to scare off ghosts. However, I like it :smile:


That explains a lot about your taste in music. :sunglasses: I guess I must be a ghost…


Yeesh, she’s pretty friggin steamy out there…


HA HAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa thats exactly how it sounds.
yea the temple activity’s were doing a madness today. the fireworks scared the crap out of me.

i don’t mind some cooler weather. this heat has just been a humidity overload without the benefit of blue sunny skies. it looked like beijing outside when i woke up today. the rain got rid of it luckily.


Yeah, I was going across the bridge this morning and it looked like there was a forest fire or something.

Ha, I had a whole load of firecrackers go off just off my starboard bow as I passed a temple this morning, I was like flashback to Khe Sahn, man…
Sarge!!! Zips in the wire!!!


‘Looks like we’re in for heavy weather’

The mid to north at least

60 mil in Pinglin in the last hour - which is not totally nuts but it’s a decent downpour


Just started dumping up here Taipei way…

Wow, raining lions and wolves here now!


As the saying goes for spring rains: “In like a lion and a wolf - out like a lamb and a naked mole”


No shit, Jim.
I just drove home through that nightmare.
Tell you what, we almost lost Brother @Rocket comin across the bridge to Gunguan, I shit thee not.


Sorry to hear about your plight, Rocket. You are not a cat, take care!

Feels like a typhoon here in Xindian. Windy. Heavy rain.


Where the jeez have you been?
You only come out when the weather gets bad?



Hey, at least you were driving, man. I had to brave the storm on my 125cc putt-putt scooter…took refuge under an elevated MRT track for like 10 minutes while it blew like a typhoon.


Uhhh, driving a scooter, but yeah


Ahh…where I come from we ride scooters. In that case, I know exactly how you feel (wet).


Leave it to the talking raccoon to tag himself in his own post.


In Taipei today air is muggy…humid…polluted…can’t…breathe…brain…not…working…properly…:dizzy_face:


Tomorrow temperature goes down again to 17… if that helps.