The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



I do not think you would enjoy those here anymore, either. It is hell on Earth.

Today it is a bot warmer… all 16 degrees in the bunker.


I tried to drop to two layers but it was too much too soon.


The temperature is fake. I’m still in the same amount of layers.

Indoors, the room temp haven’t caught up to outside temp.


Yep, me too. Made it out of the room, took one step, did a 180 to change again. One long sleeved winter underwear, one soft shell and one windproof top, add a Goretex when going out.


Got it, thanks.

I wonder how many years it’ll be before I adjust to the fact that “most ___ this century” is now working with a meaningful data set. I think it was roughly 2010 before I didn’t do a double-take with terms like “last century.”


Coldest streak of the MILLENNIUM


Try opening a window…


Hey, are you encouraging me to self-harm???


Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. It’s a pretty good rush. The only minor side effects are violent sneezing and deviated septum. Oh, and possible lung burns.


On the plus side, you probably don’t even notice the cold


Yes, the cold will be the least of your worries.


Not a bad day here in Yilan; no rain at all, a bit warmer than yesterday and in the morning there were some tiny patches of blue sky. Getting cooler now.


What’s going on out there? Its total pea soup today. Looks like we are either in the clouds or in beijing.


It’s raining like every other day


Sunny and warm in Yilan! First day of proper sunlight in 2018!

Will Skydragon city ever recover?




That’s the characteristic of concrete. Takes a while to cool down or heat up. So, when weather turns warmer (from a very cold spell), the apartment still feels cold as the concrete hasn’t adjusted temp yet


I woke up dreaming Taipei was floating away like a huge sanitary pad.


I need to refocus my dreams. Maybe this comment belongs in dream discussions.


How can Taipei even compete?


I’m stuck on the plane due to the weather, delayed an hour AFTER getting everyone to board :unamused: