The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


I have a white sky.


34 degrees in Chiayi South Taiwan. Too hot to stand in the sun for long.


For me, it’s my legs. It’s been a long winter.

With a race coming up in two weeks, that kind of talk scares me. I’m not good in the heat.


Take that, skydragon city! While Yilan enjoys the sun, Taipei is…

Oh wait, I was in Taipei for the volleyball league whole day.



Air quality is horrid but the occasional sunshine filled spots feel so nice.


Ouch, I went from two heavy blankets to a thin sheet and can’t even wear long-sleeve shirts today it’s too hot.

But the humidity is only 62% so I guess that’s a good thing.


The mercury’s falling in the coming week though. Don’t put those long-sleeve shirts away just yet.


Huh. One app is giving me a forecast high of 14, low of 10 for Friday. I thought I’d put those jeans away for the season - but maybe not yet.


It’s…too early to tell.


It’s a lake on our indoor tiles, all the condensation from warm, humid air and tiles that are still cold, and will get colder yet on Friday.

Reminds me of walking in Taipei years ago, all the marble tiles in areas like sidewalks. Pretty easy to slip and crack your ass.


Got a warning from New Taipei City, regarding the dramatic drop in temperature.

Whole day we have been being cooked sous vide. And my electric fan is MIA.


Jealous you can see it from your balcony! The clearest I’ve ever seen it was from Lanyu. Absolutely incredible!


I can’t even see the Shinkong Mitsukoshi from here…

BTW, it is going to rain:


We have nite time lows of 3 and daytime 14c these days in the east bay
Spring is near

Meantime blizzards in Tahoe have resulted in one snowboarder on a late afternoon run getting lost in the blizzard and found dead the next morning and another snowboarder falling headfirst into a five foot snow drift and suffocating due to not being able to free himself and help being far away


I’m guessing the second snowboarder veered off into the woods or off the trail (which is a big no-no), as groomed slopes wouldn’t have 5’ snow drifts. Sad.


Not all runs are groomed and some tree runs are within the trails. With the blizzards, I’m sure there’s plenty of powder runs and you don’t have to go “off the trail” to find the deep powder. On those days, the base of the trees can turn into really deep drifts.


And the good news keep coming. I was wondering when we would be hit with the tail of winter, like Europe:


Thank god! Sunday and Monday almost killed me…


Yesterday I scooter commuted in a tshirt and long sleeve.

Today back to 4 layers. Tomorrow, 5 layers. Thursday…MRT commuting.


That is what worries me. When teh sun breaks among the clouds, teh temeprature rises to unbearable levels… and thsi is suppose dto be winter. meaning that when the benefic cooling effect is gone for the rest of the year, what the heck are we gonna do?! I mean, it literally flies to 28 degrees as soon as the cold front leaves. What can we expect next summer?