The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


Get ready . . . sub-zero really??


Personally, I summer in Oregon. I highly recommend it. :grin:


Isn’t it technically spring already?


Either way, we are doomed.

In the meantime, I need to wash the kitty’s clothing. Bobby still has a couple of jackets.


Think that’s a bit of a click-bait title. Nowhere in the article does it mention going into the negatives. More like sub-ten temperatures.


Well, it’s snow parka weather here, so 差不多啦.



You know how the Taiwanese drink hot soups all the time, based on:“if the weather is cold, a hot soup will warm you up / if the weather is hot, a hot soup will make you feel the heat less” ?

I do the same with clothing: t-shirt and shorts. If it’s hot, good. If it’s cold, your body will get used to it.

I occasionally allow myself to wear a light raincoat, but only when no one is around.


Is wearing a raincoat really that embarrassing?


Yes. If we really needed raincoats, we would have genetically developed one through natural evolution. Since we didn’t, a raincoat is the ultimate Untermensch symbol.


So are you saying Hitler never wore a raincoat? Are you saying T-shirt and shorts are white supremacist dog whistles?


You’ve now consumed the ultimate red pill. There’s no going back. Time to get rid of your raincoats.


I’ve got a Gortex raincoat and pants. How beta cuck is that? Don’t answer…


Gortex rhymes with latex, so every time you wear a gortex raincoat you look like someone wrapped in latex who’s performing some bdsm bollocks and is waiting for his daily dose of carrots and cucumbers. Not orally, btw.




Gotta bottle up this Taitung foehn wind for next few days.


Raincoats can be handy


Why is everyone wearing heavy Jackets today? My forecast is 23 degrees.


Not sure what’s up with the heavy jackets today. The Big Plunge in Temperatures is supposed to happen some time tomorrow, at least here in Taipei, with Friday being very cold as well.



Well, as per CWB, there is 90% chance of rain tonight, tomorrow, the day after…

Hence, the coats.