The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018




Tío Pepe?


That would be a rare Pepe indeed.


Raining hard. Heard some thunder. Now that’s more like the spring in Taiwan I know.


It rains. Itt gets stronger. It gets weaker. It stops. It starts again.

My poor kitties are afraid of thunder.


Day after day in Danshui of looking at clouds build over Yangmingshan, turn a promising dark color, and then … nothing. Good to know that at least other places are getting rain.


Time to take a bike, scoot or car ride up that way and get some rain.


It’s like that everyday down here in Yunlin County. You can see the dark clouds in the mountain, but I guess the heat from the plains (what I am told from the locals, true or not, I am not sure) ensures the rain doesn’t quite reach us. Finally today, we had about 10 minutes of rain, the first in a long time. It was nice, but 5 minutes later, with the exception of the humidity, you could never tell.



I opened facebook and got this. I guess it’s settled.


We have very hot in daytime of up to 34 and quite cold down to 11 at night here in east bay calif and windy


I want some of this.


Finally! Some rain here and the mercury dipped below 25! Not balmy, but a refreshing scooter ride into the office. Though, I have a feeling it won’t add up to much accumulation.


Today’s temperature in yilan is si much better. All rivers and creeks in my area look balmier, it must have rained a lot on the mountains overnight. I heard some rain during the night but couldn’t tell the amount, I’m very close to the sea.

Side note: ducking Decathlon and their rain jackets, it’s as waterproof as cotton. There was a small drizzle when I went to the stores and I’m completely soaked.


I may be wrong but I don’t think you’re dropping the B-bomb correctly. Might have to refer this to the K-person.


Are you implying there may be incorrect uses of the term “balmy” ? Absolute nonsense!


Yeah, I think they only work when you use the word “balmy” correctly.


Balmy - balmier - balmiest.

It is known.


The poster previously known as jesus has a cracking story to tell about Decathlon jackets.


Forecast for tomorrow: Cool (high of 28), cloudy, no rain (or small chance of it). Can anyone say perfect cycling weather? Nothing epic for me yet, but I need to mix things up a bit I think.


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