The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



I think the word you’re looking for is “tepid.”



I would use mild.


Dammit, Mr K-person has taken our advice and is using “muggy” instead of balmy. Also no sign of the old mercury dropping.

I hate it when our whinging has a productive outcome.


“Wet weather front to drop mercury by 10 degrees in Taiwan over weekend”

Time to put on your “old flower” glasses, man.


Dude…did you completely miss the title?




Forgot to tell you guys that last night the talk shows were on fire. Apparently, someone dared to question the capacity of Taipower to reliably provide electricity this sumer, as the heat goes up and consumption goes up, one more degree will overwhelm the network. Their reply? I quote: “oh, it is so hot in May because it is summer already, it won’t get any hotter than this”. :wall:

The reporters pressed on: but what of it does?! And Taipower’s reply: It won’t happen. :eek::roll::no_no:


Does anyone know where to find matchboxes? last ones I had were collectibles.


What if we now end up having a mild rest of the Summer with no power/draught issues?

Taipower may be God : potentially confirmed, still under evaluation


Because you are not “Bitter”?


I think we’re in serious trouble and the government doesn’t want to admit it because there’s a huge potential for stockmarket downside if the wafer fabs don’t have enough power. There was already a blackout in Miaoli on Wednesday and Taipower is currently scrambling to divert power around the island to meet demand.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say: hanging out in Taipei with the highs in the high 20s is a wee bit nicer than hanging out with highs in the high 30s.

Now what are going to do at the city/national level to make our communities more comfortable when temperatures are back up into the high 30s? Are any of our illustrious candidates for political office speaking about planting more trees? Requiring new buildings to have rooftop gardens? Presenting other ideas about reducing carbon usage to keep our communities as cool as we can?

I’m all ears. Please assure me that our future leaders have these things in mind!



If we could focus on renewable energy for communities and leave the big guns to big users, many issues would be solved. At least replacing obsolete transmission lines.


I don’t know why every roof doesn’t have solar panels already. Also many walls.We could string down the sides of all the highways and on the outside of all the over passes and along the railways and the coast. No brainer we make the bloody things here!


Indeed !

When you read the news, it sounds so good… solar panel, government subsidy, power your house, independence…
Imagine everyone with some solar panels powering some parts of the house or even reselling electricity to Taipower! Wow, that would be great!
(Solar water heating is great. I have used it for 7+ years. Great!)
Last year, I earmarked a budget for solar panels… Ready to go… until I found out a 10000 NT investment would only help power my refrigerator!
Who is going to do that? not me
Still looking for other options… anybody here?

But we are going off topic here… Please reply here > WCIF house complete installation of solar panels




too true. i noticed last week after going to wu lai how much cooler it was there than taipei.

there should definitely be some incentive to make the citys more bearable places to live in the summer. more trees, rivers and wider spaces for wind to pass through. rooftop gardens would be ace too. its a nice dream anyway.


It will eventually get more popular. Should be a more critical priority with the near capacity electricity production and pollution issues…but …
Recently changed jobs and involved in LED, UVC lighting and Li-ion battery manufacture. Things are getting interesting out there.A bit technical for my old brain cells, but learning fast. Problem is I am responsible for Business Development Worldwide…that is a big area :tired_face:


Hmm, how do solar panels hold up in typhoons? That could be a big factor in adoption. If your neighbor loses them in a storm,that would really hurt market sentiment


They can hold up fine .