The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



I got 35c this pm and dropping down to 15c after the sun sets here in the east bay

What a range


Solar panels to generate electricity are generally next to useless. Solar water heaters are effective though. They actually work.


Useless, I think not. They reduce CO2 emissions and air pollution and add electricity generation capacity.
It depends on your time horizon for getting back your investment cost and the financing cost.
We have a ten billion USD Nuclear plant that has never been opened . Now that’s useless!


I can think of lots of reasons (none of them good) off the top of me head why solar would be nearly impossible to implement in Taipei, but I’d love to know what the reality is from someone who’s actually investigated it


CO2 émission is not important, the pollution is the problem. The countries that need to control their CO2 émission are China and America, we can emit as much as we want and it makes no difference because Taiwan is small af.


I am sorry, but no. Let’s leave aside actually attempting to behave in ways that do not damage the lives of others. From a purely selfish perspective, Taiwan is incredibly vulnerable to rising ocean levels and rising ocean temperatures, which as I am sure you know lead to massive unpredictable storms. It’s time for us to do our share.



In that case, why should Shanghai do anything? They’re small af - probably about the same as Taiwan. Ditto Chengdu. Ditto the Beijing area. Ditto Los Angeles, or New York. Let someone else do all the work. What 20 million people do won’t make a difference.


It’s true, though. If we consider things on a “global scale”, unless China and India really start improving their situation then there’s no way to make things better for everyone. The US produce a lot of Co2 as well but they have much better ways to control it, and if you check the air quality index you’ll notice the US’ situation is pretty good.

China and India are pollution-generating blackholes, and while this doesn’t mean we can be free to walk around and burn plastic because fuck 'em, things are kinda out of our hands when it comes to tangible improvements.

Again, I’m talking about “GLOBAL SCALE” here, it’s obvious that improving things in Taiwan can help Taiwan itself (even though when the wind comes from China we all know how the air feels)


Was just reading the UK also had its sunniest and hottest May in recorded history.

The nation was stunned as the Queen announced it was a time…for national celebration and Pimms all round.

Seriously though the Earth is getting hotter and we are particularly vulnerable in Taiwan. Our power system is struggling to keep up with the increased cooling demand as the number of extremely hot days has increased substantially. Also more powerful typhoons carrying more miosture are predicted.


The US has greater CO2 emissions than India, and more than ten times the per capita emissions of India. US has over double the per capita emissions of China.


Yes, but as I mentioned before you need to check the air pollution data as well.


Yea, air quality is better in the US, but if you’re talking global climate change CO2 is the main concern.


If we talk about climate change, Taiwan’s impact is negligible compared to China, India and the US.

If we talk about air pollution, China and India are the worst offenders, the Us is doing much better and Taiwan isn’t in a bad spot with the exception of a few industrial areas (and the occasional winds coming from China).

People got triggered when Gain mentioned that Taiwan is too small to matter on a global scale, but it’s true. If the countries that produce more pollution/co2 don’t make drastic changes, then Taiwan going full green doesn’t matter for climate change.

In before:‘YES BUT WE SHOULD DO IT ANYWAY’…sure, as long as it’s viable, and the constant power issues at peak times makes me think that switching off nuclear power isn’t the best solution for us, at least not now and not even in the short period.


Exactly. It’s the same why countries like Sweden or Norway going green doesn’t matter in the slightest bit as their contribution to climate change is utterly negligible. It’s commendable, really, but it’s completely irrelevant on a global scale. Even Germany’s emission is pretty irrelevant on a global scale.

Every country is vulnerable to rising ocean levels and temperatures, except for landlocked countries. Let’s say Taiwan is more vulnerable than others due to typhoons, even if we cut down our emission to zero, if China, India, Russia, America etc. keep emitting like they have been over the last few decades, nothing’s gonna change because ultimately, however hard a small country tries, it won’t help reverse or even remotely decelerate the trend.

These are cities, not comparable.


To state a couple of things that should be obvious:

Climate change is caused by CO2 emissions and land use change. So changing CO2 emissions is not irrelevant to climate change, regardless of how responsibility is assigned to this or that country.

Poor air quality is not a cause of climate change.


Air quality is a completely different issue. You can have super high greenhouse gas emission per capita and still have clean air, ie the Netherlands. I’m not referencing Canada and Australia as they are huge af so they can build a billion coal power plants and still have clean air.


@tempogain moonlighting?


Hey, it’s hot. I put the :apple: in the fridge


Chilling fruit gets rid of like half the flavor. Very Taiwanese though.


It rained a bit in Yilan yesterday. Today it’s still hot but not as bad as last week.