The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018



It’s my 職業毛病 to notice this stuff, but it doesn’t really bother me. Maybe I just don’t care anymore.


Maybe it’s because it happens so often, it’s hard to constantly feel the same level of excitement. The only one who can keep our hopes high is K-man.


In K-man we trust


I hate rain


But do you love lamp? Do you?




Apparently D-day turned out to be a deluge of vitamin D! Nothing but sunshine and blue skies here. And the rain yesterday was done by noon.


Normal summer storm expected in the afternoon.


Glorious morning we had here in Hsinchu. Fairly low humidity, brisk wind, lots of sunshine. A little haze. A bit autumnal, overall.


Autumnal…not a word you get to use often in Taiwan. :sunglasses:


Bobby got wet last night during his walk and has a cough so now he’s going to the vet. Which is a pity as such weather deserves a trip to the dog park. :cry:


Decent breeze and only 70% humidity makes for a nice day.


Best weather in weeks. Tomorrow there will probably some rain, but I’m glad I went to the beach today. Huge waves, fresh breeze, sunny sky, meimei everywhere.


How’s the weather in Taiwan? we are stuck in this stupid airport in China due to bad weather.


Overcast but dry here near the airport.


I saw a picture of the sky taken in new taipei city and there are a few clouds but other than that it looks good…


Mostly white cloud in Taipei. We can see some blue part in the sky.


Sunny in yilan, best weather in weeks.


A lovely mid-day in Taipei. Enjoy it, folks!



Cloudy now, we’re all doomed.