The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


I’ll take this weather ANY TIME over the miserable cold recent rain. :smiley:



Okay, this is your chance everybody! When your coworkers/classmates tell you how much colder it is in the US or Europe than in Taiwan, you point to the weather today and tell them how it’s like this. Wow, psychologically too. This is so much better.


In Taiwan, it’s rare that I’d say I’m enjoying the sun beating down on my face. This is one of those times. Glorious while it lasts.


Yep, this is Christmas weather where I come from. Chilly winds, crispy air, sunny all day. Awesome.


My parents retired in Vegas so this is what they deal with all winter. Some windy conditions sometimes, but most of time, it’s what you see today. Add some video poker in the bars and this is Vegas, basically.


Don’t forget the whores.


I think we’ve already got that covered.


I just checked my hometown stats, and today’s temperature is the mean for May and September.


Whatever happens in Vegas…

The strange thing is that I associate Vegas more with nature and suburbia than anything. I stay away from the strip, head over to Mt. Charleston and Lake Mead, and go to the little eateries around town. A population of over a million now so it’s easy to forget where you are…until you go to the supermarket and see slot machines!


Oh yeah. Sorry, eyes on the prize etc.


Cold, cold, so cold…

22 degrees in the bunker. I took my room thermometer and it is now in the ladies room, as after the protests, they took down the windows and replaced them with iron bars only, so the wind now flows…freely. I expect the temperatures will be rather low.


Leng Shui Keng was down to 2 degrees the past few nights.

No friends dared to give Datun Peak a try. Definitely below 0 up there.

Weather is supposed to pick up a little on Sunday, but I don’t expect the coldness inside the house to go anywhere until the low temps are above 15.


It was 15 degrees in the ladies room after 10 minutes.

30 minutes later it is:


Four layers and a hat all week just to survive in my office.


3 layers and a hat. haven’t taken out the gloves yet, though.


outside doesn’t bother me. barely even need gloves or a scarf. but inside where i am not moving around so much its pretty cold. im up for buying a heater this year.


I am risking keeping the heater on most of the night. I hate waking up with a cold nose while pinned between pets.



Showing 8 degrees in Taichung. 10 in Taipei at the moment.:fearful:


i bought an electric blanket a few weeks ago. it was a fantastic buy. usually in the winter here i have to wear several layers and use as many blankets /duvets as i can find. with this thing i can wear a t-shirt. my nose doesn’t get blocked either from the cold so its an all round a good sleep! other than the fucking water tank noises that is…


agree @BHL4life . Best investment for north Taiwan winters.
Plus don’t have to worry about those space-heaters starting a fire.
The good and inexpensive ones (less than NT$1500) even have an auto-timer that turns the blanket off after 8 hours, just in case that worries you.