The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


In Taichung? This weekend, after you said that the worst was yet to come?



Well let me share the yearly tragedy of major losses in pomelo crops then.

And yes, one more time, if you have a look at say Windity or any other satellite view, you will see the clouds of moisture and rain covering mainly mountain areas down South and Center.

And if you had tv you’d see Pintung, Chiayi and parts of Taichung where the water is already over a person’s head. This will be extremely problematic as rain will continue, not stop.

Just because it is not raining herein Taipei it does not mean it is not our problem. Wait until cabbage prices rise tenfold.


Still I don’t know if those 6 dead are after you announced the apocalypse. I know 3 of them died days ago when riding their scooters because a scaffold fell. When and where did the 6 people you said died? and how?

I know the floods got nasty in the South, I was just mocking on you because you (as usual :D) predicted super horrible things to happen here in the North and so far so good. Yesterday I went hiking and today I didn’t do shit because I’m recovering from other shit.

I mean, I know people die in Taiwan because of natural disasters, but many times are things like “1 dead because a Typhoon: a drunkard drowns in a ditch full of water” (yes, this has happened), and every month (sometimes every week) I’m reading here that it’s the end of the world. And 90% of the time nothing, absolutely nothing, happens.


In short: yes, shit happens, but the overall tone in this forum is waaaaaaaaaay too alarmist. Always.


The 3 died when the scaffold fell on a taxi. There have been several drownings and of course traffic accidents.

I said the storm was moving North. If you read what I said, it refers to conditions in the South and Center of Taiwan. Seeing all that rain there one can expect trouble.


So no one died after you predicted another Morokot in the North? oh man…

Well, good (bad) news is that we still have like 1 week of rain ahead in Taiwan… as many other times :stuck_out_tongue:


South dear. And yes, it is Morakot level flooding.

Now I understand why you go out in the middle of a typhoon…


Getting out goggles and fins right now :smiley:


Yeah, you’d be with the kids swimming in Pingtung’s streets…or paddling through the grooves.


I thought it was heading North and getting worse. I’m disappointed :frowning:


Here for your mood

That last is Madou. One of my ex roommates lives there with her family. All houses flooded.


Now it’s pouring down in Tainan…again.:frowning:


My goodness. Please take care!




On a personal level, I haven’t been heavily affected by this rain as I live on the 12th floor, but I know few of my friends have had their houses flooded. The restaurant I work on the weekend has been semi-flooded and had to close down parts of it. The Weather Bureau stated that this depression isn’t as severe as the last one, but it supposed to last for few days…great.

Wonder how this rain will affect the schools, as they are supposed to start the new semester this coming Thursday.


Does it leak through the roof when it rains heavily?


7 dead, 1000 hurt, agricultural losses unbelievably high.

And due to the rain down South, the price of gas tanks will rise:


You have to admire the “carry on regardless” attitude in Taiwan.


The Z4 ? No it’s dry :slightly_smiling_face: 328 , different story :persevere:


I especially admire the people delivering biengtangs in inflatable rafts so people -neighbors or strangers- won´t go hungry.