The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


PingDong city 130mm over the last 4 hours !!
I can only imagine how terrible it must be in the nearby mountains.


Work and classes cancelled today in Kaohsiung.

Looks like a rainboots day up North.


What do you mean? It’s a beautiful morning. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the anti-Japanese protesters are massing in their hundreds outside the Japanese consulate on Qingcheng St. What could possibly go wrong?


If there are protests, there will be rain.


Friday, 5 pm, it’s the Big Wet out there. Absolute nightmare.

Might have to dump the scooter.


It probably won’t last. And then it’ll start again. It’s stopped and started a couple of times in Danshui over the past hour.


Just received this text alert in YMS.

[Great Thunderstorm Instant Message] Thunderstorms are about to occur in your area, and it is expected to last until 09/08 18:45; please pay attention to heavy rainfall, gusts, lightning strikes, low flooding and caution against flooding. Meteorological Bureau


me too, could be stranded in the hills here, porridge for dinner


Thanks a lot!
I tried to translate the screenshot I took, but google translate app keeps crashing :-/


just managed to clear my runoff drain in time, water was 9 inches deep on the balcony.


Typically I am in Taipei . Pretty heavy downpour . Landis hotel 5 star? Hmmm🧐dry inside room at least


Crazy rain. Anyone near the rivers? Are they high?


I just drove home, from Renai circle area, to DaHu Park area. I haven’t driven in conditions that bad since… Canada. In a car, thank god. The scooters looked so dangerous. Visibility was maybe 100m, because of the heavy rain.
Lightning was worse returning to Neihu, but at least the rain got better. But every time there was a BIG flash of lightning, my phone buzzed and the 4G quit. So glad to be home.
Be careful out there, folks!! Hydroplaning all over the place…


Has anyone got a weather report for Carnegie’s ?


Steamy with a chance of skank?

Bet they’re having a whale of a time at the Ultra EDM rave. In fact I’d imagine they’d have had to close it down.


Wow that rain was utterly nutty. It felt like a typhoon!

Location: Gongguan, Taipei City



I wonder how it is like in the country side… any floods there? I guess it’s too soon to know, but I’m happy that I didn’t go camping.


Or river tracing!



On tv right now: The day after tomorrow.

Followed by: Geostorm.

Someone in programming has a sense of humor.


We’ve only gone and lost the freaking interwebs