The Taiwan Weather Thread 2018


I have a question. Is anyone out there working in an office with actual heating? I’m in a modern office on Minsheng but there is clearly an issue as in its too fucking cold (I’m wearing four layers and a woolly hat). But some offices surely must have bitten the bullet and installed heating. Or am I living in fantasy world?


I assume it’s not only the building, but it comes down to whether the office wants the option? I bet my bottom dollar that 101 offices have it.

No heat here in a rather modern building in near Zhongshan MRT. I’m in 3 layers including a puffy vest, only my hands are cold.


You funny.

In theory, our AC is supposed to have it. In theory. They did invest on those fancy Japanese style toilets with the heated seats…for our guest restrooms. In the work area restrooms, we pee ice cubes because as I said before since the students’ tried to enter, they removed the windows, placed bars… and forgot to put the windows back. hence we have the gentle and not so gentle breezes comb our behinds. And no, the place does not smell any better.

Fingerless gloves and a wool hat is a must. I guess we get colder since we are typing and do not move around a lot. I am wearing the same clothes I took to Japan …with snow on the ground, so I feel fine. No snow boots yet but I guess we will need them for this weekend.


What you describe reminds of Bartleby the Scrivener for some reason. “I would prefer not to.” Try it on your boss when requested to perform some duty.


The heat at our office comes from around 40 human bodies and various pieces of humming office equipment. This is quite sufficient to keep the temperature above zero. No complaints here.


Last night as I lay in bed I felt a slight breeze. I found that odd since the windows are supposedly sealed. Lo and behold, careful inspection revealed that my little young 6 kilo kitties had unplugged the sealant from the AC sides, leaving a 10 cm X 50 cm high gap. Why? Heaven knows. It is definetively not because it is hot inside.

Got me some duct tape over lunch. That’ll work for now. Those evil fur balls!


Well, they have built-in fur coats, and probably just wanted a little fresh air. :grin:


Wife says in her office they keep the AC on for just that reason, it runs year round. I just say ‘brrrrr’ and dig out another pair of wool socks to put on.


Yeah, my previous offices have been like that, 60 PCs give off sufficient heat. But my office now only has 18 people…


That’s your problem, man…insufficient processing power.


Mining some crypto!


All ya puusies , just a wee cold it is. Six degrees C you say.
T’ain’t nuthin (as I type this from my apt in the east bay where the temp is set at 23 C )


Mark my words, we will have snow in Maokong and Xindian and Yangmingshan again this year.

After the new cold air mass arrives this evening, temperatures tomorrow and Friday will again drop down to 10 to 11 degrees from central to northern Taiwan. Starting on Saturday, as a major cold surge arrives, central to northern Taiwan will see the mercury plunge to 8 degrees, and open areas could see the temperature drop to as low as one to two degrees, with no respite from the chilly weather expected until Wednesday.


Does this make sense? 53 people suddenly die from the cold in Taiwan?? Is it because they don’t have proper clothing or blankets?


53 people lost their lives from cold weather yesterday what is going on where is this happening in Taiwan sounds totally bizarre.

Maybe a busload of 53 people slid off of mountain in the cold weather or something what?


I think a lot of people go without heating at all. And if they’re old and/or sick I can see how that would be deadly. I have a friend who is somewhat well off (60 million apartment, for example). I was surprised to hear that he doesn’t use any heating during the winter. Not sure why that is.

And then of course there are the homeless. They’re going to be hurting over the next week or so.


Apparently its the lack of scarves…my tip, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize…


Just another lazy, stupid headline. They died from cardiovascular diseases. Their imminent heart attacks just happened slightly earlier as a result of the cold weather. On cold days, the air is always filled with the sound of ambulance sirens.


I don’t use heat in Taiwan. Maybe when it hit the low point soon, I might turn on the one crappy heater I have that seems to raise the temp by a degree or two. If there are places to donate blankets, clothing, etc., that would be good to know.


But the doc said to wear a coat and scarf and you’ll be…