The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



I hear caravans are forming already. :wink:


To Bali, Indonesia, and Zhutian Township, Pingtung. From Wuhan China to Wulai in New Taipei.

Unless you have stood in line with a million people waiting 12 hours for a train, you haven´t really experienced it.


Damn , I was trying to get away today …guess I have to wait until it calms down a little


2 days before the CNY break and I’m wearing a short sleeved shirt to work.

We are so fucked.


It looks like the temps drop tonight. Then it’s cold tomorrow but then things warm up again. Another drop in temps on Monday then again warm. I can live with that.

Can’t believe I have train tickets. And at an almost perfect time matching my work schedule tomorrow.


IDK the forecast looks pretty good. Hot all weekend then fair to middling. At least there’s no big cold coming.


It is not looking to be warm and sunny like last year -as per Google pictures- but it should be fine.


Shitty weather… Why??? Why???

The whole east coast is rainy. The West coast is drier this week but the West coast is shit anyway…


The swallows that moved to yilan yesterday are regretting their choice!


Have you been talking to Eric Cantona ? :grinning:




He made a comment about birds …but nobody understood it , at the time…it was a joke in the UK with our sense of humour…sort of …



This is why February is my favorite month. Good temperature, more blue sky, less rain, cleaner air, lower than usual humidity.


East Coast looks like a rain magnet for the next couple days.


I feel warm yet it is supposed to be quite cool, especially if it rains.


I find it always takes a few consecutive days of cool weather for me to really start feeling it in my house. A warm sunny day can heat up my building pretty quickly, and it retains that heat for a while, but if there’s a few gray and rainy days in a row then it cools down and becomes a concrete icebox again.


Do I need to take a picture of the sunshine on my face again? Thank goodness I dressed up in layers.

Happy working day! Have a nice Monday!!!


I got back to Taipei yesterday from down south wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Some strange looks on the MRT.


Back to work and the weather is awesome again. It could have been like that last weekend too. Maybe I’m asking for too much again, Taiwan?