The Taiwan Weather Thread 2019



Is that Xindian? I can´t believe there woudl be rain there. Last night we had to cut our walk short because droplets started to fall. It stopped for like 20 minutes, then pour.


With the money and my pocket we can buy a large can of Taiwan “beer”, if you lend me some.


You can buy it here at the office, government subsidies help.


Wait…you get a beer allowance!?!


Discounted, but I do not drink.


In that case, you should supplement your income by going into beer distribution.


Been gloomy all day here in Xinyi, but not a single drop of rain.


Another beautiful gloomy day in Taipei. Just when you think it might get better, it gets worse.


Do I need to take a picture of the sunshine outside my window? Right on my nose I tell ya!

But yeah, the day started gloomy enough, in Xindian I thought I´d need a raft to get out of the house. But now that I started typing, the sun is on my face.


Check if there’s any of these around:

Right, you said it was coming from outside… Maybe one like this hanging off some wall?





I wasn’t aware bunkers had windows. Make sure you look around for things @mad_masala mentioned



Well, it´s gone now. Hope you guys are happy.


There was sunshine about an hour ago in Taipei. I also saw a bit of sun yesterday. Icon’s not crazy. Cloudy now but at least no rain. Wait, I see it is raining. Strange. I walked out to get coffee earlier and didn’t need an umbrella.


I can now start my day.


Muchas gracias.

I think I´ll start documenting sun sightings. It is winter after all.


Its been constant rain all morning in this part of Taipei near 101 with no chance of sun 'Is it really that different in different areas?


I’m on my way to Taipei and I’ll arrive near nangang. I’ll let you know in a while, but I believe we have another case of "Unicorn Sunlight ", like yesterday.


Er… no. xD

:cloud_with_rain: :sunny::cloud_with_rain: :sunny::cloud_with_rain: :sunny::cloud_with_rain: :sunny::cloud_with_rain: :sunny::cloud_with_rain: :sunny::cloud_with_rain: :sunny::cloud_with_rain: :sunny::cloud_with_rain: :sunny: