The Taiwan Weather Thread 2020

They are not dressed for the weather. No hat?!

Huge crowds going up Lalashan, Yangmingshan etc. I just have a question: how many cars have chains for the tires?

One degree in Datun. Two in Taiping Shan.

At a certain point they close the roads unless you have chains. In the big mountains at least.

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Yep, Taiping starts at 2pm.

BTW that strong wind nearly destroyed Amei’s stage in Taitung, brought down a pillar on top of a motorist in Taichung and assorted damage in Tainan.

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Whatever happens, don’t dare hurt A-Mei! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


She has enough blubber to protect her from extreme cold, and falling objects.

No need to be mean.

She has the right to look however she wants.


Ooh, so bitchy :nail_care: :scorpion:

Hey, my tax dollars will be funding her diabetes treatments pretty soon.

Wow, she really has put on weight. I had no idea.

She’s also added ideas.

If you want to catch up on where she’s at, you could check out this fascinating deep dive from 2018:


Not sure why she let herself go like that. I assume it’s the pressures of fame and a bumpy love life.

Actually, it was the treatments she went through to have kids, wrecked havok with her hormones and metabolism.

So thank you for your understanding.

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As I understand it, that’s just speculation…along with the claims of 7-8 pearl milk teas a day. In any case, it’s not healthy.

Well, it has been a rumor with statements from friends since she was with that Malaysian boyfriend. Actually, it makes more sense than just stuffing herself. The local press would not have been so forgiving otherwise.

And the 7/8 milk pearl teas was a real case, someone managed to give themselves diabetes with that. As well as the g pai daily resulting in serious health complications. But thankfully those are extremes.

It is cold now.

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The wind picked up in my corner of Taipei. It is indeed cold!


Cold as it was (5c at 8am here), I still went out for my daily walk around the area as it was at least dry, though it looked like a freezing fog towards Taipei. Not many others out though, there are more when its drizzling rain. Oh, and cloth face masks are good for keeping the face warm too (stifling on a hot day), I was well rugged up with scarf, beanie, winter jacket and 2 more layers under. To think that about 3 months ago I was deliberately taking cold showers after my walk.

I’ve got two La Crosse Technology weather stations as shown below.

I have no idea how they would perform in an apartment setting as I live in a house. Perhaps check their support forums for more info and details.

I like mine. They work very well and I can remotely check the weather at my homes via the Internet app.

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15:20 on 12/31/2020 - 9.2° right now and very dry at 69% humidity. Crisp and brisk outside.

The coldest temperature today was 7.8° at 06:27am.

But I was in bed and missed out!

Wish there were more days like this :confused:

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