The Taiwan Weather Thread 2021

If it helps clear out this filthy air, I’ll take it.



That would be icing on the cake.

The cake is a lie

Let them eat cake.

Famous last words.


Yes, but what a life before that. :grin:

They should somehow reprogram those Yannick machines and replace the voice over to Glados, and it will constantly test you and say stuff like “You will be baked, and there will be cake”.

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No thanks. I’ll pass on the cake.


Probably the right choice.



What could be a beautiful cool night is not because of the humidity. Another day in Taipei.

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It’s not raining, but it’s so humid that it might as well be. :dizzy_face:

Could all that humidity be converted to water so people down south have water?

it’s so nice this morning in Taipei. not humid at all, a nice breeze… I saw people wearing coats, but I’m really comfortable in a t shirt. it’s so nice to walk outside without feeling really gross and sweaty.

Just a heads up, it may be a little cooler, but the UV index appears to have picked up quite significantly. I was outdoors yesterday for not even half of the day and got significantly sunburnt.

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Enjoy it while you can! :grin:


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yeah same here in bay area, we had near summer weather a few days and then bang back to winter yesterday and today

yeah isnt there a saying that spring in taiwan lasts about 2 hours? IT goes from Winter to Summer like a flick of a switch

and where is the plum rains ??? Those can save taiwan from drought. followed by a coupla typhoons to save the day.

I am saying 3 typhoons will hit taiwan this summer typhoon season. TWo down south and one in north taiwan.

let me program my new chromebook (wait i havent gotten it yet)

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That’s how April usually feels to me in Taipei.

So far though we’ve had a nice little stretch of cooler temperatures, not unlike the Bay Area. Hence the need to enjoy it while we can!



The very warm and humid temps were definitely a weird to have at the end of March. Glad that temps are back to normal.

I had to turn on the ac before bed and turn on the fan over night last week. This was unheard of this time last year.