The Taiwan Weather Thread 2021

In Taiwan, your computer weather thing says “light rain” even though it’s raining cats and dogs and pigeons.

I guess Taiwan has a different definition of light rain.

I just want some rain, any rain.

Where is my rain? :cloud_with_rain: :sob:

It’s raining right now up on the north coast.

Standing outside in my yard enjoying the refreshing feeling and the fresh smell as the rain first starts.

Ahhhhhh. Time for a cold beer whilst standing in the rain!


So far, hot and sunny in Taipei.

Should get ready then.

You should have your rain about now.

Too much rain. Need some gusts!

Away goes the Typhoon threat and heavy rain, and back in with the heat.

Taimali Research Centre in Taimali Township, Taitung County, clocked up 40.6C at 12:01 today.

And up north, Songshan made it to 38.2C at 14:30 today.


I could hear the foehn wind howling through my apartment complex today—an audible sign that something’s up.

Since this means sunny and dry weather, I admit I actually like it!


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It definitely felt like it was 40+ yesterday. I felt the heat in the shade on my balcony.

Maybe a nice day to be in Southwestern Taiwan.

3 hours ago when you posted rain was apparently sitting just off the coast:

Now it looks like it’s come inland:

I hope it doesn’t come up north. Or at least not until midnight, anyway :umbrella:

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Thunder and lightning.

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… Very very frightening!


The way you love me is frightening!

I think you better . . . :rofl:


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It’s raining kittens

I was like what the hell exploded, a gas station?! Frigging thunder that rattled the windows. Now it is dark and gloomy and windy. Feels like the sky is going to fall apart.

Instant noodles for lunch today. Felt so bad yesterday when this elderly folk delivered my Uber meal in the rain. Gave him a nice tip but still…ugh.

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To be sure, it’s not the best arrangement. But at least that person got some business, if not adequate pay. :neutral_face:


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Isn’t that from a song ? Sounds like it could be