The Taiwan Weather Thread 2021

Yet who can gaze at the sky when the beach below has been closed? :rofl:


Taipei tomorrow noon will feel like 41 degrees and no rain.

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Well today was nice while it lasted.


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Yes, back to normal time. BUT, we can maybe see some light ahead as its mid-September and only a few more weeks before it starts to cool down.

Nice day at Baishawan. Still a little too windy for traditional surfing or SUP, but the kite boarders will be out later this afternoon during high tide.

Kung Fu Master was back again demonstrating his ripped physique and mad martial arts skills. Girlfriend not impressed.

@Icon . Hairy chest enough for ya?


Woke up at 3am to a huge lightning storm here in Kaohsiung. Lightning flashes every 30 seconds or so, some of the thunder loud enough to shake the building. Rain pelting into the window.
I did appreciate the entertainment, especially after Chulthu avoided the area completely!

(Screengrab from one of the videos I took)


Why isn’t he wearing a mask?

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The chest, yes, as well as the physique. But the shorts, man… Debatable.

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Yeah. I understand why he pulled them up, but it just looks like he’s wearing a baggy diaper.

That’s a no from me, dawg.

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Then ask him to take them off :wink:

Yeah, but the cops would certainly stop him/give him a ticket, if he was wearing a proper Speedo/Tanga rather than not wearing a mask. :rofl:

Reminds me of that famous Italian silver fox married to a Venezuelan beauty…