Tsai's Biggest Accomplishments Thus Far

  1. Pension Reform
  2. Keeping Tourism numbers up in spite of increased Chinese restrictions.

Japanese visitors up 17% in 2016.
Korean visitors up 34% in 2016, 20% in 2017.

This’ll be a short thread. :smirk:


Keeping the KMT out of the Presidential Office…


pension reform is



Remaining stoic under the relentless international pressure from Winnie and Co.

She would currently have one of the toughest state leadership jobs in the world, and I don’t envy her. Smart, hard as nails, and has to be in the current climate.


And waiting for the ‘moaners’ and dreamers to appear in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

Seriously dont think she is responsible for this. These were noticeable trends before she got into office

Apologizing to Indigenous people.

Getting transitional justice initiatives pertaining to White Terror moving.

Getting serious about renewable energy sources.

The outcomes of these initiatives are far from settled, but at least the ball is now rolling.



Not doing something brash while keep getting fucked by China on everything while the world watches and gives us little pats on the back.


This kind of question won’t get it final answer until at least the next Presidential election, if not even later. We can revisit this question in 2020 or 2024 or even 2028 and it shoudl become more clear. For example, the final judgement on President Li Teng Hui’s impact on Taiwan, is that clear even now?


Well, nothing is “final”—and the thread title does have the words “so far”!

About the Lee Teng-hui era: my take is that it was marked by key initiatives that still remain incomplete. Which is not surprising given how Taiwan is a transitional society as well as a settler society, both involving messy incomplete realities concerning national identity, education, land use, etc etc. In other words, what kind of place we want this to be.


I do not apologize for mentioning the apology. : )

Tsai’s apology was not a magic wand that fixed everything. (And many things still need fixing!) But it is something that can—and should—be leveraged for future change.


The LAST thing that needs fixing is the ‘indigenous’ issue…whatever that is

This is the SECOND LAST issue that needs fixing. About 1,005th on the list.

Well, you are welcome to have your opinions.

My guess is that you, or your family, or your friends, have not been affected by the land grabs, environmental degradation, and demeaning forms of sinocentric education that have affected Indigenous folks. I also presume you have not had nuclear waste dumped next to your home. If you’re comfortable with all this—or perhaps simply unaware of this—then at least the apology is one moment to stop and think about what’s happened here, and whether this is how we want to keep going in the future as diverse groups of people live together on this island.

Peace to all,

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No I’ve never been fortunate enough to have land to grab away, or even citizenship in the country I’ve lived in for the last two decades come to think of it. I’m one of those ‘privileged whites’ who just has it all…

I don’t think that’s possible. They’ve had to make a lot of policy changes, like giving Visa-free travel to SE Asian countries, and allowing applications online.

The tourism shift is part of a larger policy shift from the Ma administration’s priorities—to stop depending heavily on China.