Two foreigners caught out on TV

Did anyone happen to catch that show on CTS?? last night. It was that program where the dark sninned taiwanese host (I think he’s a basketballer) and his sidekick (looks like Jay from Jay and Silent Bob fame) trail around in a van with a digruntled partner, trying to catch out their unsuspecting partner cheating on them.

Anyway last night had a couple of white guys high fiveing each other as they swapped kissing a couple of taiwanese girls. (There were hidden cameras inside their apartment).

Next thing, the two hosts break into the foreigners’apartment and confront the two horn dogs. “This is Taiwan” the dark skinned host said. “How can you treat her like this?”.

My point being, had these guys been in any other place apart from Taiwan, would they have acted any differently? I think not. Easy girls and horny young guys, different place, same result. If thoses girls had have been white, and just as casual, I doubt the two blokes would have acted any differently.

Well, if two people break into my apartment, regardless of what I am doing, they better be wearing body armor…

Damn I missed it, argh sounds like a classic as well. DOH!!! Oh well, western guys in Taiwan are always assumed to be after girls and not a good choice for a long term partner, generally speaking wether we want to agree with it or not. Good job on those guys, only making more Taiwanese believe all western guys are the same.

Hidden cameras? Breaking in? Isn’t that kind of behavior illegal?

My English buddy saw a program last weekend which pretty much went up to random foreigners and asked if they had work permits, had ‘hidden cameras’ on foreigners picking up chicks (which he said was obviously staged), blamed foreigners (actually, white foreigners) for keeping ABCs, BBCs and CBCs from getting hired at bushibans (!?!), Jeff (that foreigner with the fairly decent accent) come on and say ALL foreigners are over here just to lie women into bed…
The solid, objective ‘reporting’ you come to expect in Taiwan. A whole hour of it too!

The best part was that it was completely in Mandarin, except for the word ‘foreigner’… they never said ‘waiguo ren’… they always used ‘adogah’ (Taiwanese for pointy nose)… niiiice!

If anyone for some odd reason has a copy of that on video, I’d LOVE to see it…!

I saw that program last night too, but most of us (Taiwanese) believe that all those stories were been made up. The newspaper ever reported it once, I remember. Don’t need to take it serious.

Originally posted by LittleIron: My English buddy saw a program last weekend which pretty much went up to random foreigners and asked if they had work permits!

Sounds like a fun gig. Where do I sign up?

Actually, I already have, I think. CTS (I think it was CTS. I can never get those right. It was

Well regardless if it was staged or not I’d like to see it too. If someone can make an extra copy I’ll give them an address to send it to or meet them in person and pay for the tape.

What channel is this stuff being broadcast on in Taipei City and Taipei County? I might try to watch some of these nutty things. Sounds fun!


Of course I’m not taking those programs for face-value. I’m also trying to take it with a grain of salt. But I still get a little vexed since most Taiwanese DO believe what this program was attempting to say, and that fact that this kind of program just reinforces those notions (especially since everything on TV is generally taken as truth here). I’m curious who would actually pay money to make stuff and and state as fact huge (and erroneous) generalizations.

I’ve been in Taiwan for about four years I guess, and I’m always amazed that 80% of the people I meet actually think ALL foreigners are like that, and that I’m the ‘odd’ foreigner because I don’t act like a typical college jock freshman who’s away from Mommy and Daddy for the first time. (no offense to jocks )

And, I’m taking my friend’s word for truth here, but IF what my friend said was true, what’s up with this Jeff guy? Saying, ‘yeah, all foreigners are sex-predators and such…’ Was that whatever money they paid him, or just to make himself look better?

My apologies if this isn’t the case; again, I have yet to see the show myself.

Not all who wander are lost…

Jeff, this program is on CTS (pretty sure it’s the one) on Sat and Sunday night. I saw it Saturday night at about 10-30 pm or so. You can’t miss those two hosts (refer to my 1st post for descriptions).

More detail though, it was origionally one of the foreigners’ Taiwanese girlfriends trailing around with ‘Jay and Dark Bob’ in the van, along with the brother of one of the Taiwanese girls and the two hosts. Anyway, they busted in and two white guys were imaginally pissed off, no shirt on and all.

My GF told me there are some very disturbing stories about “foreigners” circulating. One was of a recent 7 on 1 gangbang of a girl with a head full of E at a KTV. Apparently she went to the cops afterwords. No source, no corroboration (of course)for this story. Anyone else hear this kind of crap?

Yeah, but you never hear the ones (or at least only marginally) about Westerners being raped, murdered, etc. For example. About 12 years ago, a Swedish student friend of mine went traveling down to Hua-lien. While there she went into a small restaurant to eat. A Taiwanese guy struck up a conversation with her and the next thing she knew, she was on the floor of the police staion. The guy had drugged her, taken her to a hotel and gangraped her there with some of his friends. She was rescued by the police who were tipped off by the restaurant owner. The guys escaped through the window. She was lucky in that she didn’t remember anything. Of course it wasn’t reported. And no one was arrested.
And then there’s the case of the married American man who was walking through the National Taiwan University campus where he was attacked and castrated. There wasn’t much in the papers about this other than the police assertion that he was gay (hastily retracted). No one was caught. No followup.
How about the American woman (wife of the manager for Converse Asia) who was murdered outside her home down south (I can’t remember whether it was Tainan or Taichung). It was in a “secure” community with security guards and only one entrance/exit. Where the police involved? Not much reporting on that either.
Then there was the case in Hsi-chih, where I walked in on a burglar in my apartment. He wasn’t too bright because he was robbing my house and listening to my Walkman at the same time so he didn’t hear me come in. My 7 months pregnant wife called the police (who took 30 minutes to come only 500 meteres). The burglar waited because I beat the crap out of him. I was taken in because I “must know kung-fu” and had to agree not to sue the burglar so he wouldn’t sue me for beating him. Again, no report, etc, etc.

I’ve lived here for about 19 years and the one thing I’ve found exists is sheer XENOPHOBIA compounded by one of the worst cases of gulliability on earth. Are all Taiwanese like this? No. But read the newspapers here for awhile and talk to your Taiwanese in-laws/friends…

And how about the 23-year old Austraian girl who was murdered on January 26th this year in Chiayi. She was found lying in a pool of blood near her apartment building with a fractured skull, and yet the police insisted that it was an “accident” and said that “The case is closed”! Read about it here:

The article failed to mention that she had broken up with her Taiwanese boyfriend just a few days before she was murdered, and I’ve heard that her ex-boyfriend had strong connections to the Taiwanese underground. Yet her ex-boyfriend was never even questioned!

Also her body was cremated only a few days after her death. It’s obvious that the reason why the authoritories were so anxious to have her body cremated was to destroy the evidence that she was murdered.


Thanks for your further explanation, I may try to catch it this week!

quote[quote] [b]For the Chiayi incident please see [url=][/url] for more information. Thanks![/b][/quote][


quote[quote] I've been in Taiwan for about four years I guess, and I'm always amazed that 80% of the people I meet actually think ALL foreigners are like that, and that I'm the 'odd' foreigner because I don't act like a typical college jock freshman [/quote]

This is very true and annoys me, a little sometimes too. Liek when my ‘inlaws’ or girlfriends friends get to know me they always say shite like “you’re not really like a foreigner, I think you’re more like Chiense”. the farck I am.


Let’s pretend we’re gravel truck drivers and strike. That’s right, every foreigner in Taiwan agrees to take one day off woirk and protest unfair public perceptions and press coverage of foreigners. Picket signs the legislative yuan, perhaps. Of course I won’t be there as I don’t live in Taiwan, but I’ll be cheering you on! Jia yo, adoga!!!

Hey, Mai Longdong,
You forgot the to add the British hairdresser (back in pre-work permit days) that was mysteriously run down by a Benz in an alley.

Yeah, sorry…there have been so many, they tend to run together after awhile. I do remember the 15 year old son of the British representative being run down and then stabbed by the driver of a Mercedes in a Tien-Mu alley near TAS. That was quickly hushed-up too.

Well, I think lots cases were gone because our “well-respected” policemen didn’t want to work too much or have “better” cases to attend to. Personally, I don’t think it has much to do with the victim being a Taiwanese or a foreigner.
So, all we can do is to wish that we won’t be the next victims…

Is that TV show featuring a panel of clever foreigners who have mastered mandarin, still on? [I don’t live in Taiwan anymore, so I’m not sure] These linguistic geniuses are supposedly from a variety of countries, and the focus of the show is how they deal with life in Taiwan. I believe that even that ridiculous “Chocolate” guy has been a panel member. [I better not get started on him, and how he makes a living out of playing up to every absurd racial stereotype Taiwanese have about people of African descent]

My ex-girlfriend and I had some heated arguments about this show and another that featured interviews with foreigners about their lives in Taiwan. The cause of contention was that she just couldn’t understand why I would be offended by the way that the shows portrayed “wai-gwo pung-yo”. The sex predator theme is VERY popular, and is revisited again, and again. Often these foreign guests are only to happy to relate the stories of sexual adventures, that the hosts are keen to draw out of them.

One African guy (from Ghana?), on the panel show seems to love to brag about his exploits, the size of his equipment, and the fascination that women have for him, as the hosts giggle, and make snide assides in Taiwanese.

From the fact that my “ex” used to faithfully watch these shows with her entire family, and that they all found it extrememly amusing - I could only conclude that foreigners and their misadventures are high entertainmant television in Taiwan. It’s almost as if focusing on foreigners “openess” helps people come to terms with the huge changes in their own attitudes towards sexuallity.

My “ex” insisted that the shows weren’t that serious, and that everything was “innocent, good-natured fun”. “Bu-yao shan tai dwo”, she would say. When pressed about it, she did concede that the result of shows like these, and all the press reports, year after year, leave people with a very dim view of the kind of foreigner who comes to Taiwan. When we discussed this thouroughly, she did recognize that her perceptions have been molded by the way the media portrays foreigners. In addition, much of her attitude had been shaped by “wo-de pung-yo de pong-yo, bei wai-gwo ren chifu gwo-le” kind of anecdotes. Like most people in Taiwan, she had never had any significant interaction with a foreigner, before our relationship - her attitudes had no founding in actual experience. She had to be reminded that for every story about a girl who has been heartbroken by a failed relationship with a foreign bloke, she has heard countless tales of local woes. [Just the other day she emailed me the news of a friend of hers who was 2 weeks away from her wedding day with a guy 15 years older than her, when she discoverd that he was already married and the father of three children. Talk about “bei chi-fu”… Why doesn’t the fact that this kind of story is commonplace in Taiwanese society help curb peoples propensity to view foreigners as singularly degenerate?]

In this regard, Taiwan remains a frustrating place for foreigners to live. Xenophobia is a natural consequence of the homogenous, unintegrated Taiwanese society. People seem both somewhat fascinated, and repulsed by foreigners. The ugly side of some individuals behavior will continue to be featured in the Media, because it sells.

As for those two guys “caught” on “secret camera”, whose story started this thread, they are a good example of how some foreigners, for reasons I can’t fathom, are happy to play to and feed peoples lurid curiosity, and reafirm their private prejiduces.