Typhoons 2017


This doesn’t sound like you…


one Saudelor was enough,i’ll gladly settle for Nesat and stuff like that!


I think what you meant to say is, you’d gladly settle for daily afternoon rain showers.


afternoon showers in yilan are an utopia, sometimes i need to watch Discovery Channel to remember what’s the sun like…


What’s up with typhoon Noru? This chart shows a westward turn. Is it coming our way?


If “our way” means “toward Okinawa,” then apparently yes.


EDIT: wunderground currently thinks Noru will head a bit more toward the northwest, well clear of Taiwan:



HAHA. I am a female. I don’t think going bare-chested would be a good idea…


:rofl: sorry to disappoint…


not sure if the pics from imageshack will show the preview properly.

I hope the forecast will be wrong, because hpa 865 at landfall in Japan would be the strongest typhoon ever recorded and would cause a lot of trouble.


In that case, chew binlang (Areca nut) with sandals… like the locals do.
Attire is not mandatory :smiley:

Serious note tho, typhoon didnot come on-scheduled weekly basis, but it could (on a rare case).
Since the wind will be strong, use raincoat, instead of umbrella.
Although, some local girls insisting of using umbrella because raincoats aren’t cute (word-per-word as said by my Taiwanese ex).


One of my coworkers is this mild petite vegan, Buddist nun after she retires type, happy as a can be most of the time. She just posted a rant on FB complaining about the government’s “turn off the AC in the hottest part of the day” policy, mentioning the problems of air circulation, number of computers and warm bodies per stuffy room, etc. And she is in one of the newest parts of the complex. :rofl:


On the contrary, happy to hear there are more of us of the female persuassion.

If you want to I can post some pics/links of lovely Japanese raincoats. I have a couple, very light, waterproof, comfortable and stylish.

Umbrellas do not last in these gusts of wind. If they can throw a full grown Jeremy Lin type of guy, scooter and all, from one side of the street to the other…imagine what they can do to you with an umbrella…Mary Poppins + Wizard of Oz reenactment! Umbrellas are useless in that kind of weather.

Best brand of umbrellas are Rainstory. Automatic ones are a delight to carry, light and can be operated with one hand.


Just under 22°C in my office at the moment, bit chilly to be honest, might go for long sleeves tomorrow.:snowflake:



Remnants of Hating are still battering the south east

Another 200 mil for Kaohsiung this morning - that’s still serious rain and enough to produce landslides and flooding in areas that are already saturated



Yeah maybe disappointing is not the best word.
I mean it could just make it mind instead of mindlessly wandering around no-mans-land (or no-mans-water) like a headless chicken.
Just make it rain already! (hopefully not in Taiwan)


Say, you woudn’t have an opening there?


There’s a link between no AC and mild petite vegan. I just can’t seem to find it…


I mean, this insane policy just drove one of the most peace loving and calm people I know, who wouldn’t hurt an ant or a roach, literally bonkers on a public medium like FB. I wrote petite vegan to give you guys a picture of the most unassuming, far from “aggressive” -stereotypically speaking- person you may know.Think Gandhi going bananas on FB.

Now we are flooded by camera people asking the stupid question: what you gonna do between 1 and 3 pm? WORK, lady, we gotta work! We sweat it out to feed our families, and I have 8 mouths to feed!