Typhoons 2017


Invest 94W is having some wild forecast, ranging from nothing to typhoon directly to Taiwan for the next weekend (16/17th Sep).
Will keep an eye on further developments, so far only ECMWF is showing typhoon potential.


Word is going around the my cycling LINE group that Wuling weather will take a change for the worst after 9AM tomorrow.

Gives me an incentive to ride faster. However, I wont’ pass off any chance to blame Yilan-der Black Voodoo Magic.


For Wu tomorrow from the late morning (11am) until afternoon there’s less than 50% of 0.02 inches of rain -_____-’


From our Pearl Harbor friends:


This is referred to Invest 94W that I mentioned earlier, so it’s worth keeping an eye on it for a couple of days.



What if they were really Germans who underwent plastic surgery to look like Japanese people, using Japanese flags/planes/masks to involve Japan in the 2nd World War?


Top 10 things the media doesn’t want you to know


What if you stopped doing whippits before posting??


Then what would make life worth living?



The thing with Irma is that it’s not even as powerful as Meranti but the damage it’s done is far worse than the latter. I honestly don’t remember much about Meranti. These Caribbean islands all seem very ill-prepared for hurricanes. Hong Kong and Macau too.


I remember the name meranti… Was it the one that made a mess in taidong last year?


They’re kinda ducks on a pond, aren’t they? Not much they really can do. I imagine it’s not easy to evacuate off a small island.


Initial reports seem to hint that Barbuda was completely oblitterated. Unconfirmed reports -as all communication is cut down- conjeture to a loss of more than half its citizens: 1000 out of barely 1500.

The rest of the Antilles did not fare well, either. I was listening to a witness on CNN and she was saying that even though they get ready for hurricanes every year, this one was way beyond anything they have experienced before.

I am really worried about Uncle Bob. He is still saying let’s wait and see. Might move the vehicles to higher ground. If it gets bad, he’s got a fourth floor unit that is not rented wher he can go. But that house is a good drive away, and I do not think it dawns on him that you cannot go out under those conditions.

Forecast maps show complete devastation expected in the Miami Dade area and warining of flooding up to Atlanta. Really worried about Aunt in Tallahasse, prayer freak won’t prepare as God protects her.


They were Germans, not Cardassians.


Can you demonstrate that Germans and Cardassians have no genetical correlation?

I’ll be preparing my “CHECKMATE” gifs.


Germans lacks the Cardassian propensity for heat, or they would have won in Africa.


No shit, mon, like where the jeez are they supposed to go???

@Gain, exactly how would you have them prepare??


Icon goes into panic overdrive. I saw reports but nothing about that level of fatalities.


We have no proof that Germans didn’t win in Africa and disguised themselves as Africans, similarly to what they did during the Pearl Harbor bombing.


I dunno… islands in Okinawa chain get pounded on a regular basis, but never seem to be leveled?