Typhoons 2017


Officially upgraded to tropical storm.

More models are showing Talim making landfall just South of Taidong as Cat4, while a few agencies still see it passing South of Taiwan by just a tiny bit.
It’s already steering North.

HAPPENING gifs will be unleashed once we’ll have high probability of landfall in Taiwan.


Would like to see it track a bit to the north.


early days



There isn’t much incentive to build using much else here (Okinawa). Even on the remote outlying islands, pretty much anything NOT built of reinforced concrete simply vanishes. Well, some farm sheds are made of steel beams with iron sheet but they are expendable.

There just isn’t the budget for that in the Philippines or Puerto Rico, let alone Haiti, even though some of them do have lots of incentive to do so, from multiple typhoon strikes annually (especially the Philippines).


Fooking hell, it keeps steeriung north


So typhoon day for Taipei on Thursday?


I think Wednesday evening? Should be… interesting…


Well, if it keeps steering like this, it will head to japan >_>

It’s starting to look grim for Yilan

Luckily we’re Alpha af here so no one will complain about a cat4 or 5 typhoon coming our direction.


Wtf it may make landfall on my house! Seeing the eye of the typhoon would be absolutely BONKERS.

May the God of the Spinning Winds not be angry, but let me speak just once more: let the Happening happen!


Yeah once it starts the edging routine it tends to keep edging.


There go the Central America Independence celebrations…


Unless Talim suddenly decides to defile some laws of nature and turn North more than expected, my gut feeling is that for the North-East of Taiwan it will be like being raped in the ass by a pack of HIV positive gorillas who spent 5 years in segregation watching only the last episode of Lost.

Still hoping the center will pass above my house, it would be the only upside!

Talim is currently forecast to make landfall between Yilan and Hualien as a Cat4, with up to 20" of rain within the first 12 hours (against 32" in 5 days from Harvey, just for reference). There’s still a chance it may “just” be a Cat3, but rapid intensification may make things worse.

Looks like I won’t have electricity for a few days!


Jeez, stay classy, man :roll_eyes:


Yeah, that last episode was really gross, sorry about that.


Time frame? What does 1400 UTC mean?



UTC replaced GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). But it’s exactly the same :smile:.
So 1400 UTC is 2200 Taiwan hours.


Me three.
I actually read it originally as “1400 UTI”, and I was, like, break out the Ocean Spray, mon!!!


It’s now officially Typhoon Talim.


Word on the street is that it’s bearing north.

@IbisWtf sadface? feelsbadman?