Typhoons 2017


Poor Okinawa


They should receive the ass of the typhoon, so not a very strong impact.
I bet everyone in Shanghai is praying the typhoon will make landfall in Taiwan and weaken before heading in their direction, or they’ll get their own version of Irma.


That doesn’t seem likely according to current forecasts; unless somehow it stop tracking north and decides to barrel into Taiwan. Otherwise, the storm will advance unimpeded to China.


上海? More like…下海


Seems not going to hit at all.


Oh yeah, that - one of these years I should remember to attend. (Actually, if anyone here is involved, a post about it - or a bump to a post - would probably be a good idea.)


on it


We should still expect heavy rain in the North, but we’re on the typhoon’s left so not much to worry about regarding the wind.

As soon as I wrote that I was excited about the idea of the typhoon eye passing above my house, it steered North by several hundreds kilometers…


Really thought Thursday would be a typhoon day…


Me too, still haven’t had a day off yet in Taiwan :persevere:




That’'s the real thing!!! It’s literally how it happens!

For all the people wondering about days off: there’s a VERY TINY CHANCE for tomorrow in Yilan, Keelong and Taipei, but it would rely entirely on the expected amount of rain and my sources are more focused on the wind, so I cannot make any prediction.


My fridge died. I have no food at home. I estimate the chances of a day off due to wind and rain in 90% as per Murphy`s law.


On windy, the two models have the storm moving at different speeds and both have the eye go north of Taiwan.

The link for the closure announcements has also changed since last I checked.





so what is that near the Philippines to the west?


Serious question:

So does this mean (1) “on Tuesday, there is No work and classes are cancelled”, or (2) No Work and Classes (were) cancelled today.


Wow that’s a really poor translation… I’m guessing it’s that there are no work and classes that are cancelled


I would guess that it’s “as of today, nothing has been cancelled”.