Ugggh Winnipeg

I know this isn’t Taiwan related, but the city I am living in is imploding. A 3 year old killed by being stabbed multiple times? Man, can I wait 4 years for my pension?

Can you give some insights on the reasons violent crime is rising?

who stabbed a 3-year-old and why?

btw, 4 years goes by quickly at our ages

The last time I was back in The Peg, I took a cruise around North Main, just for old time’s sake.
Ho Lee Fuk.
I don’t even know how to describe the scene for outsiders. Dismal. Middle of the day, middle of the sidewalk, stumbling drunk guy pulls out his wang and just starts pissing everywhere. All over himself, the adjacent shop, you name it. Convenience stores with plywood over the windows. Lady pushing a couple little kids around in a shopping cart.

Geez. :confounded:

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That does sound dismal. He can’t even afford an iPhone?

IMO much of the planet is starting to look like this. There are isolated enclaves of normal humanity, but growing deserts of crappiness. Every time I go back to the UK, large chunks of it look more and more like a third world country. I have no idea what’s driving this, but fundamentally nobody seems to really care.


Would these places happen to be where people from the 3rd world lives?

Winnipeg has the largest percentages of Aboriginals and Filipino of any major Canadian city.

Not really. Poverty in many Canadian cities cuts across race/origin. The aboriginal community population in Winnipeg is particularly affected, though.
Also, trailer parks ARE a thing, and not a good thing.
In the past there were some subsidized housing complexes, that were not a good place to grow up. I don’t know if that funding even exists anymore.

I was asking about the U.K. But are aboriginals also plagued by addiction and alcoholism like native Americans in the US?

It is very bad - combine multi-generational poverty with a serious meth and alcohol problem. To put it in perspective in Winnipeg proper however, Winnipeg has a larger Indigenous population than any reserve in Canada.

By the way, British Columbia is undergoing decolonisation now.

I am not sure anyone has any idea what that actually means. :wink:


Sometimes, but not always. There are vast enclaves of third world poverty right in the middle of Middle England, mostly populated by anglo-saxon types.

I have a theory that poverty is a lot like infectious disease. It spreads by person-to-person contact.

I suspect he means anyone with any sense is getting the fk out while their property is still worth something.

Uh no. There are big changes happening in BC. Poverty and substance addiction remain debilitating problems BUT Indigenous groups are pushing ahead with very interesting and bold changes in the city of Vancouver, among other places. The densest housing complex (and what promises to be the greenest least car-dependent neighbourhood in the city) is going ahead on Squamish territory next to the Burrard Street Bridge to be managed by members of the Squamish nation. The Globe and Mail newspaper had a couple of very engaging pieces on this development and why it matters.

Back to Winnipeg: Indigenous folks will also be developing a substantial lot off Kenaston. What will this look like? Will they be able to go as big and bold as their west coast counterparts? Whatever happens, it is unlikely to be as big a f*uck up as the current urban “planning” (read: lack thereof) in Winnipeg now.

Peace to all,

Government policies that widen the gap between rich and poor lead to more poverty, in turn leading to more crime.


are Canadian aborigines allowed to get casino licenses like Indian tribes in the U.S.? (or no casinos allowed by anyone up North)?

I thought this was going to be a @Mordeth topic.

Check your facts.

Canada is based on over 600 land treaties between the British monarchy and indigenous peoples. It is a British and French colony.

Read the first page of your Canadian passport. Guess who grants you a passport? Don’t be deceived!

According to Justin Trudeau Canada doesn’t have a nationality. Without a nationality is Canada a nation?

Google search should answer that but I know that on their land in Canada they have full autonomy.