Underwater tunnel China could use to invade Taiwan

The Chinese have started their invasion, it will take a few years before they arrive (pop-up) in Xinzhu tho. the military is prepared!

The BBC actually made a documentary about this, called "Big Train’. Its pretty scary stuff:


That dude is hilarious.

Digging a tunnel would cause earthquakes? :thinking:

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Please watch over Taiwan, if you happen to see Chinese diggin’ at the beach in Xinzhu, they’r starting the tunnel! Tell them no digging here.


The Zerg is the first thing that popped in my mind.

Set Vikings to patrol for suspicious Overlords and get some turrets up, NOW!

Or bunkers and tanks… whatever counters nydus ^^;

T. Brother Elon

Reviving this thread since there has been a sudden series of extremely localized earthquakes in Hsinchu.

Several over the past week, and about 8 in just the last day or so. Today is also the first official day of the Beijing Olympics. Also the world has focused on Russia’s purposely visible military buildup near Belarus and Ukraine, and would not be possible to see China’s underground military buildup if they really had a tunnel.

Could it be China has almost completed one of their planned tunnels connecting China to Taiwan?



That’s it.


tunneling, old school. sappers is middle ages old-school: https://www.jstor.org/stable/48578041

I mean, the Koreans keep finding tunnels from the North through the DMZ, why wouldn’t China try the same?

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Is there a nice bit of open ocean over the DMZ?


That would be an interesting thing to see…flood the DMZ and you can get watermines along with all that flourishing biodiversity. Please no!!

Didn’t China try to or actually build an underground hsr route from Beijing to Tianjin, which also went way too far underground (or maybe it was also underwater) and also had multiple fault lines? It seems like this is something they’ve just decided to do. The CCP is at war with geology.

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It’d be one engineering feat. It’d be double the length of Japan’s Seikan Tunnel, the longest subsea tunnel in the world, it’d be prohibitively expensive and it’d require digging in one way only, as Taiwan woudn’t be helping on the other side. Would very very visible-on-satellite works as excavating that amount of rock would be very difficult to hide.

It’d be through fault lines. It wouldn’t be a tunnel for walking 160 km. Trains would slip if the grade is too steep so that’s out of the question. A road tunnel would need to be built to standards…for vehicles.

Would certainly take 20+ years.

I feel it is unlikely they are tunnelling to Taiwan.


Impressive tunnel!

It’s 53.85km
The Seabed portion is actually 23km long, 100 meters below the seabed, and 240 meters below sea level

The Taiwan Strait seabed can drop to 1700 meters below sea level in some sections… however, some maps appear to show the span between Pingtan and Hsinchu is only 50 to 100 meters deep.

Some articles state that if China could break through and hold position for a couple hours, it would be enough to tip the scales in China’s favor. For them it wouldn’t even end up being a military expense since China would just repurpose the tunnel for trade afterwards and is something they first proposed in 1996, 26 years ago.


Yet, they would have to break through a hole big enough to hold at least cars, if not tanks and not have it collapse under itself since there are no infrastructure projects constructing a tunnel that is joining the Chinese side. Boring machines that bore holes are very slow and such a tunnel would need to be reinforced.

If it’s anywhere in Taoyuan or Hsinchu, someone’s going to hear that machine as it’s all occupied. There are houses and farms everywhere. If it’s Guanxi…then they need 300-1000 metres of mountain and many more km inland to bore through while they drive out of the hole and tumble down the side of the mountain.

And then, they’re going to build one tunnel? One chokepoint to drown the PLA?

How much they gonna spend on this? $50 Billion US? $100 Billion US?

I guess China has to be the biggest at everything. They’ll make Zhengzhou look like a joke.


Pretty sure labor would come at cost.

Gas it