Unlimited 4G Internet 499NT/Month, offer until 5/15 @ Chunghua Telecom (CHT)


I got my 499 yesterday and here’s what happened.

11:30AM : grabbed number 279 of a total of 400 that were being given out yesterday. current number being serviced was 135.
1:00PM : went back to check and ticket number was up to 155
2:30PM : “”""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" 185
2:31PM : calculated that I needed to be back at 6PM
6:00PM : came back and number was up to 265
6:30PM : got called up
6:40PM : out the door with 499/month and 5189NT cancellation fee (cancellation fee would be added to my next monthly bill.

Gf’s friend living in Xizhi (near Xiki station) said she got hers done in under an hour. Same with a friend over in Dong Hu. Luckily, I live 5 mins from the nearest CHT and didn’t have much to do today except house work.


Can you go to any CHT store and get this deal?

Some CHT stores are small shitty cellphone stores.


As an ARC holder of some sorts, I would suggest you go to an official CHT store. I would check CHT website for their store locations. Some may be run down, but they get the job done.

Other stores like Senao and those closet sized cell phone stores may not be able to help foreigners.

I know 5 years ago when I first signed my contract, I could only go to certain CHT stores because only they were able to handle ARC holders. When I resigned two years later, I could sign up at any CHT store.


I might make a late run for this deal today or tomorrow.

What if there are 50 customers to go yet it’s closing time?


As long as you have a number, you will be serviced that day. Just make sure you are there before your number is called and inside the store before their close the metal gate. They won’t service a number they passed and won’t let you in after the gate closes.

I would go today…probably right now to grab a number since the stores are either just opened or will open soon.


Well I am kinda stuck at work til 4pm


There is a FarEastone 30m from work, and they are my current provider.


I forgot you weren’t in Taipei.

Wife or SO can’t help with grabbing a number for you?


The SO is in Taipei lol

I don’t think there will be a big line at this store, I just don’t know if they speak English that is the main problem.

Has anyone gotten the FarEastone special? I want the $299 a month deal.

Does FarEastone give foreigners shit about 30 month contracts?


When I signed up a few years ago FET was picky that your arc was over one year at least.
Once signed up they couldn’t care less if you have a month remaining on your arc when they resign a contract with you



Do they debit your card or mail you a bill that you can pay at 7-11?


It was strange, I signed up for auto debit twice and it failed… so I just kept it at bill me


I like getting the bill in the mail


I have a bunch all saved up at home, waiting for payday on the 15th :money_mouth_face:


They are currently serving #5 and I am #110

How many people do they serve in 1 hour about?


Taiwanese can. Atogas only full CHT.


20 people in front of me. The staff look as if they are about to cry. And this is a litgle known location. Not even a number machine. Just stand in line.

One hour, done. Hope we are not all, as we say in Spanish, jumping on the wrong boat.


I have no idea which number is being served right now.

Have to wait til 4pm to check…

I hope I walk in an only have to wait for ± 10 numbers


It’s funny, in Taichung there is no lineup today. Like none. I went past the big branch on Wenxin rd and just a few people inside.

I’m thinking the ones that wanted it already got it.


All numbers gone at the branch near where we live.