Unlimited 4G Internet 499NT/Month, offer until 5/15 @ Chunghua Telecom (CHT)


Rich or poor, everyone is applying for this offer.


This link better


If i’m signed up on line but need to finalize there, can I wait until after the crush is over. I think it says within 7 days. I don’t think that 2900 applies to me either…


我們已於 2018/05/13 18:08 接獲您的申請資訊。

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Far eastone wanted NT$2600 deposit from me for the 499 deal. Maybe that’s normal but I passed on it.


Sadly , I’m paying the normal fee for 4 g contract . But included phone . My concern is that the last few days have been abnormally bad signal , switching to 3 g and losing signal strength, hope it’s not due to all you cheapskates using my bandwidth :face_with_head_bandage::joy:


I went to FarEastonee at around noon, got my number 110, they were currently serving #5.

Checked at 4pm and they were on #68.

Went back at 7pm and they were on #93

Waited till 8pm and my number was called. They did skip quit a lot tho like 8 numbers?

ARC + Passport and I got the $299 deal. They will text me my bill every month and I go into the store and use the machine (looks like an iBon machine) and pay my bill.

Was really easy and worth it.

@EBC did you wait in line and then they asked for a deposit?


Yeah, there was about 80-90 people before me.Went home and came back twice. In at 2 and out around 6, not too bad, really. They didn’t even know if a foreigner could do it, and then came back with the deposit requirement.

Newly issued 3yr ARC + passport as well.


shit man, that’s a dick move by them…


I thought so too, that’s why I bailed on it, but I wasn’t sure.
although I am not a previous FET user.


Go to another store before the promo is over but when the line dies down.
I know FET usually doesn’t ask for deposit , the store is full of crap unless they recently changed the policy


Weird it was CHT the one that used to ask for a deposit but I think not anymore.


you sound “doh”


Not sure what you mean by this. :confused:


I am thinking of going to get another number around 12:00 and then sell it at 4pm to the highest bidder.


Can use your own words…kind of.



Actually, I am surprised there are not so many instances of number selling. In the ol country that is big business for everything from doctor appointments to ID/passport/driver’s license applications.

News was going bonkers this morning as a CHT employee fainted due to exhaustion. I am surprised it has been one only so far. I feel also for the harried employee who accidentally fed 2000 ntd to a shredder. She cried desperately.

CHT is so worker friendly - read with dripping sarcasm- that it told its employees not to bother swiping their cards. Employees are leaving the premises at 6am… from the night shift. There is the same talk of sending inspectors for overtime and bla bla bla…

Today it is hot and tempers have been flaring. I expect a couple of scenes. Please remember you can apply by Internet until today, then you will have time until the end of the month to get your papers to the CHT offices. But you need to complete your stuff online first.


I saw the news report for this yesterday. This would have been super useful about a week ago.


Yep, talk about organization skills, brewery and all that jazz.

I am thinking of a word that starts with a c and ends up with a colorful and versatile four letter word starting in f and ending in k, that would describe this issue perfectly.


I’m actually surprised too. But, in my opinion, it doesn’t make it any less of a dick move.


Yup, where I am from there are companies who have employees wait in the cashier line for you while you do the eye test etc so you only have to go to the DMV for 2 hours and not 4 hours. Think you pay them around $300nt, worth it to save 2 hours of your time.


Where were you born and raised?