Unwanted editing


I agree. It is much better than being edited posts by mods by their personal standards without any pre-notice of the standards nor note that the posts are edited by mods.


Just be aware that the Flag system, while giving the appearance of confidentiality, is decidedly not so, and authors of posts you flag will be informed that you have done so.
If that sort of thing is important to you.


Oh! Um … that’s interesting. And makes me significantly more hesitant to flag posts.


Yeah, kind of defeats the whole purpose of the deal


wow :man_facepalming:t2:


That’s not true. What is true (and was specifically true in your case, and is what I assume that you are referring to) is that if you are involved in a contentious exchange with another poster, we may mention that you have indicated that you are unhappy with that person’s posting in conversations with them.


It is true.
The last 4 times I’ve flagged posts (by more than one poster), the poster was informed that I had done so. In only one case was there any prior contact directly between myself and the poster.


Any more details? I only know about the situation I was involved in, which I described above.


Anyway, like I said


I can only assume you’re referring to the single long running situation with a single poster which took a lot of conversation to resolve.


I don’t think so. In my experience, @tempogain and @yyy are way too cautious and jealous of users’ privacy. The thing is that sometimes you are too obvious @Rocket.


Four times I flagged
Four times the poster was informed that I had done so.

Pretty sure that makes my point.


Sometimes people may draw conclusions. I often tell someone “your post was flagged”, while not mentioning by who. Especially if they’re regular posters, they might put 2 and 2 together.


Hey, if @Rocket has access to special information like what mods and admins tell other people, I also want that privilege!!!


Give me some more details and I’ll be happy to address it. If it happens again perhaps? I can’t speak to anything except the situation we previously discussed.


I just tested this and it only applies to a flag you made, not other people’s flags.


How about just asking someone to flag one of your posts and check if you can see it?
Or go ahead and flag one of mine and I’ll tell you if I can see it or not.


He does, in liquids and solids.


Have to downvote this excessive and unnecessary modding, ruins the natural convo flow.

Also deleted some of my post that’s a different point that does not violate any forum rules.

Should I sue the drunkard who attacked me?

Mr. 0409, the “Should I sue the drunkard” thread badly needed a makeover. There was a shouting match. There was a complaint about ad hominem attacks. There were F-bombs right, left and center. And there was nonsense.

I love nonsense, but there’s a time and place for it, and it’s not the Legal forum.

As for bitching about Malaysia, that deserves a thread of its own. :slight_smile: