Unwanted editing


Outside of the personal attacks.

The nature of the thread has clearly changed. And the Ops situation has changed. Even you, I suspect was one to change the title saw that. I’m pretty sure the OP isn’t a moron and can navigate through nonsense.


I changed the title to make it clear what the thread was about. “You can sue if you want” is vague. “Should I sue the drunkard who attacked me?” is clear.

If OP @Terry_B has a problem, he’s welcome to contact me.


It did, And I think you were right to clean it up. However I would point out the that angry them v us shouting with mafia references is still there: for example:

unless of course @gavmasterflash is actually Taiwanese. (In which case he is talking about the mutual laying of hands on selves… and…ok lets not go there)


That post was a bit provocative, yes, and a bit coarse (hence the emojification), but it was relevant.

Members calling each other names and comparing their testicles, that’s not so relevant.