US Navy confirms UFO videos are REAL

Um… what? :flushed:

either way, they probably would’ve destroyed us by now, if that is one of their intentions.
it’s not the end of the world…yet

Could be a bunch of drunk alien teenagers taking their daddy’s ship for a joyride. Daddy alien specifically told them not to go near Earth because the savages that live there are barbaric and are likely to attack them. But of course as rebellious young alien teens, they did it on a dare.


I don’t believe that’d be their intention anyway. They’d probably just conduct research into life here and figure we’re not worth interacting with. Certainly means I can’t laugh at people who claim they were abducted anymore. Much.

We knew those videos were real.
We don’t know what those UFOs are, some of them may be drones.

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It’s one thing for you to suspect they’re real (or for one Navy pilot to claim they’re real), and another thing for the US Navy as a governmental organization to confirm they’re real.

I guess it’s just a prank by a programmer, inserting a ‘UFO’ in the plane’s software.

I dunno, drawing penises on the flight tracker is one thing, but that sounds like a good way to end up in Fort Leavenworth

They confirm they are real videos. But they may not want the real identity of the UFOs to be leaked if they are secret govt aircraft.

I don’t think it’s that simple as some had visual confirmation.

There’s speculation that they were drones or in some cases some kind of radar ghosting like you mention .



@yyy, was that you?
Or one of your people mates?

They’re waiting for us to develop warp speed before making contact.


They’re probably taking our dilithium crystals without us even knowing it.


Oh there’s aliens out there. Are they alien tech, who knows…

Anyone notice the article is written by “Scottie”?


Using Occam’s razor which is to say the simplest answer is usually the correct one. Which is to say these are not from another dimension or outer space.

That still means there is some high tech development going on which is pretty exciting. It’s right in the ball park of a company like General Atomics, drones, nuclear, electromatic systems. There’s your real life Stark Industries.


You are right…But there’s a small but real chance…that one of them…is THEM :open_mouth:

I used to be holed up in a hotel for months with some General Atomics guys. Never found out the slightest detail of what they did except in broad terms “drones”, I don’t think you get a job there without a full background check done on everyone you know even a receptionist doesnt get a job without a full background check.

Yeah I gave the receptionist a front and back round check :grin:.

Sorry couldnt help it.

I’m a UFO nut over the decades there’s been a lot of impressive sightings, but it’s been very difficult to get good video in particular.

The biggest mystery of recent times are the Black Triangles.