Vegetarian Restaurants

I want to start a thread talking about Vegetarian Restaurants.

I’ll start with:

FanYi Roosevelt Road, just north of Shida.
Very good, ($200-350) vegetarian food, with taocan (full meal). The stuff is really good, especially the fried tofu. service is nice, and everytime you go they give you 10% off your next time.

Makaiwen, a thread on vegetarian restaurants is a great idea. I thought about it and then decided to go even further and start a whole website on it. It’s mostly ready, I just want to get some photos developed and scanned on. I should eb ready to ‘go public’ in a couple of weeks. So if you’ve got more favourite vege restaurants, please note down the details (address, phone, price, etc) and I can include them later.

Whic one is FanYi? What’s the address?


i’d be down to help, as I hope everyone else is. I know it’s a pain finding a vegetarian restaurant in areas of Taipei you’re not too familiar.

I’ve got a bunch in my head, and now that i know you’re doing this, next time I’ll write some stuff down.
Cheers, Kevin

There’s an excellent vegetarian restaurant between Jinshan and Xinsheng (closer to the former) on the north side of Zhongxiao E. Road. The buffet (NT$150?) is more expensive than most; but it’s worth the money. Be sure to try the bread.

I’m not sure of the restaurant’s name. It has an orange and green color scheme on the outside and the words “a taste of nature” in English.

By bus going east along Zhongxiao/Chunghsiao, get off immediately after going under the bridge at Jinshan/Chinshan. Cross at the flashing light, and you’re there.

By bus going west, get off just past Xinsheng/Hsinsheng. Walk about one minute toward the train station.

By MRT, get off at the Chunghsiao-Hsinsheng stop and take the northwest exit (across Zhongxiao from the park). Walk about one minute toward the train station.

Hui Liu is THE best in town.
Oh my god, the Gado Gado…
and the mini pizzas, avocado side dish, pesto pasta, sesame noodles…yummy. It’s pretty reasonable for the quality of veggie gourmet fare. (about $250) Not to mention, the atmosphere is just lovely.

It’s right there on Yongkang St. Park.
No. 9, Lane 228, Hsin Yi b[/b] Rd, Sec 2 is the actual address.

Don’t forget the fruit pie for dessert, or the coconut black rice and icecream.

Thanks Cranky and Alien. I’ll have to get down to those tow and review them for my web page. I’ll quote you if you don’t mind.

Trying to find a webcafe with a scanner so I can finish the launch of my website ‘Veggie in Taipei’. Should be ready in a wekk or two (I know I said that a fewe weeks ago).


I hope you’ll post a link here to your site, Brian.

The restaurant I mentioned above has changed a little. It’s no longer a buffet. For NT$113, you can select up to four different dishes, along with a salad, soup and a drink.
The food is still great – not the usual tofu swimming in oil.

My favorite vegetarian place has mutated again. Now it’s the “Think Cheer New Vegetable Restaurant” (or something like that). The buffet price has gone up to NT$280, though the menu has been expanded.

When I was in there last night, I told the laoban I wasn’t hungry enough to spend NT$280, so they she let me pick out some good food for NT$150.

Just down the alley is what’s advertised as a “halal curry” restaurant. The “vegetarian” platter there, however, came with a little meat. But the food is quite good.

besides good vegetarian buffets there’s a heap of good vegetarian stands. there was this stand down in Yonghe off of Dehe Lu somewhere that then moved into a mysterious alley where it surely depends only on faithful customers. the guy makes the best vegetarian pig stomach, vegetarian shuijiao, vegetarian hongshaomian and stuff. he also specializes in some veggie hong-kong style noodles. its a very modest, under a $100 buddhist thing though there is little overtly buddhist business going on, no tapes of chanting or anything just marked solace. i’ve been meaning to check on him and eat some of his crap since i escaped Yonghe more than a year ago. if i get around there i’ll get directions and all so you could put him on your site, Brian. his food rocks. the site is simple but graced by a tremendous and very austere neighborhood tree with a shrine in it, trees of its age and stature being extremely rare in the residential jungle of Yonghe it pretty well demands the shrine.

I like the “Buddhist” vegetarian restuarants alot but sometimes I do feel like Italian or Mexican. Anyone know of any good places?

So far I’ve come across Saint Cinnamon, WoWo (in Tienmu)…

If you’re into Mexican food, Amy Wan just reopened “La Casita” (in fact, the grand opening is Thurday, August 8). She opened the first Mexican restaurant in Taiwan back in the 1980’s.

She has LOT’s of vegetarian dishes on the menu.

La Casita is located at Chi-Lin b*[/b] Rd, Lane 22, #5. That’s on the south side of the intersection with Nanjing E. Rd.

Note, before anyone complains or edits my romanization, the street sign identifies the road as “Chili Rd”!


*Do any street signs actually use “Jilin”?

No but my map does

My aunt and uncle will visit, and I want to take them out for food. They’re vegetarian: no fish, no meat, no seafood, but they eat eggs and cheese.

My uncle hates Chinese food. He lives in Asia and got so much really weird stuff during a lot of really highclass business dinners that he decided Chinese food is just yucky. Besides, he’s sort of picky, he won’t go to the noodle shop next more, more likely some Hyatt restaurant. Any suggestions where I could take him?


hi Iris,
for alternative veggie maybe you could try the Indian food here. They have veggie but I haven’t found a good Indian place yet. Still, it might be an option. Other than that, I think your only other option is Italian. Good luck!

Tandoor has loads of veggie dishes.
Mykanos too.
Even Grandma Nitti’s has a few vegetarian dishes on the menu.
United Mix.
Any of the italian places (but, avoid Papa Giovanni’s—puke!)

It would be nice if someone opened a purely macrobiotic veggie (or vegan) restaurant with homemade fresh bread, quiche, soups, nice variety of salads, burritos and wraps, pizza.
But noooo…instead, one must be subjected to the same god awful taste, vile odor, and bogus meat products, inherent in all the veggie food here.

Oh, I just remembered, Hui Liu at Yunk Kang Park. GREAT!!
It’s macrobiotic fusion food, and has a lovely atmosphere.

I feel guilty for not doing anything with my Veggie in Taipei Site now. Here’s a few places, but sorry I don’t have addresses, so I’m not sure if you can find these places.

Wow-Wow. A nice ‘burger bar’ in Tian Mu. Opposite Taipei American School and then back south a bit on the other side of the small park.

There are three veggie French places in Taipei apparently, but I only know where one of them is. It’s in those alleys with restaurants just south-east of the intersection of ZhongXiao and Dunhua.

Mixed cuisine at Om Pot Hom, in a lane back of Shida. Go to Grandma Nittis, walk back one lane along Shida towards the uni, turn right, then I think second right. A little hard to find.

A few doors north of TLI on Roosevelt Rd (Nth of intersection with Xin Hai) is an organic place with nice veggie pasta and soup. Also can get veggie pasta at Pasta Paradiso in Shida.

I sometimes eat Thai if I don’t feel like Chinese, and I posted a couple of places that do veggie on the thread on Thai restaurants.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Eslite bookstore have a book in the magazine section which is called International Cuisine Restaurants in Taiepi or something very similar, which might have some places in it.


tony diamonds in Tienmu, you can have a full vegi meal, My mom does not eat even eggs …

The restaurant has closed. :frowning:

One or two to add:

There are hundreds of good cheap buffet places but the one on Nanchang Rd. between Fuzhou and Ningpo is worth mentioning. it’s on the side with the McD’s, an alley or two north. Consistently good, not too oily. Worth a stop if you’re in the neighborhood.

Guanshiyin on north side of Minchuan between Songjiang and Jilin (a bit west of the Xintiangong temple) serves up tradtional Chinese dishes like gongpaojiding etc in veggie style. Not amazing or very cheap but worth checking out.