Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



IDK…Ive seen plenty of yellow and blue.


Plenty ?I’m on the highway now 90% of cars are black, white and silver.


It was a joke about taxis and blue trucks.

I was just on the freeway too. Plenty of yellow, green, blue, silver, black, white, red cars out and about. My parking garage has about every 4th car non-black and non-white. I dont reallyget the issue here.


In our garage it’s more fifty shades of grey and two Corollas with almost No colour at all due to sun ray exposal.


Yeah have fun driving your pink cars :sick:


Plenty my arse. :smiley:


I will severely limit my driving in Taiwan. After exiting a tunnel over the weekend, I got off the main freeway to merge onto another freeway. I looked in my rear view mirror to see a car heading toward me way too fast. As anticipated, he got right up on my ass. I lightly braked but I didn’t let up and came almost to a stop before heading over to the shoulder. He rolled down his window. I kept going on the shoulder. Slowly now. I rolled down my window, made eye contact with the jerk, and waved him by. I think he could tell that I wasn’t there to fight (or whatever was his first impression) and just really wanted him to go. Was I being an ass by slowing way down like that? Yeah probably, but I have no idea why somebody would want to head full speed toward another car and then ride his ass like that. I have zero road rage these days and just about always, my actions are more about wanting to just get away from the crazies. But this little incident really makes me want to reduce my driving to almost nothing. Imagine if I yelled at him. And he yelled back. And we start something physical. So absolutely senseless. Okay. Rant done. So is most of my driving here.


A taxi stopped and waited for me at the crosswalk.


I don’t blame you, I use to have terrible road rage when I first started to drive in Taiwan, now I just tell myself it isn’t worth it. Most of the days it goes well, but there are those days where I just can’t stand it. I rather pay taxi money and not deal with it.


I try my best to deal with it by letting it go too. However, the one thing that really sets me off is turning left on green in a left turn lane only to be cut off at the last second by someone turning left from the straight away lane because they dont want to wait in line.
That really sets me off!


I haven’t been to Korea in a long time but when I went there many years ago I found the car color palette there even more boring, mostly shades of gray, and the cars were mostly characterless Hyundais and Daewoos.

Resale value yes. These basic colors and the thousands of shades of gray, light blue, and so many boring colors you can’t even name, appeal to the lowest common denominator, once you produce more bold designs client numbers drop.

When on the freeway I often think about stuff like that. How car manufacturers have to produce cars that appeal to the masses and therefore look very much like their competitors’ cars and then trying to distinguish themselves from the rest by designing fancy back lights and other little elements.


Modern cars have crushingly boring car design . Look at the average Toyota, Nissan or Ford for example.


I let my wife drive and try not to look forward. And all during the week it’s public transportation for me.

It’s worse in New Taipei City where I live. I think even easier than letting it go is avoiding it altogether. The cultural gap is too wide. For us, it’s an insult (like flipping the bird) when someone turns left ahead of you when you are going straight. And it’s everything upside down and backwards. Avoid it and keep that smile on your face!


And then you woke up?


I hope you are not driving.


I did my best to introduce different Car colours here. I learned 7 years ago ,by trying, that the Taiwan Market Just was not ready. We had a metallic green BMW X5 in stock for 6 months…
Ferrari needs to be Red, Aston Martin -Grey or white, BMW/Mercedes ,Black or lately white.Anyone over 40 wanted Black paintwork and almost every customer wanted a black interior in every car. ( Easier to keep clean they say here,even having a preference for plastic over leather for that reason) In addition the Model Year has to be the same as the Production date , or you pay Tax on the later Year but have the earlier year listed on the paperwork. It is not important anywhere else ( the year of registration matters) but in Taiwan , it devalues a car quite a bit.
Silver and other colours tend to be Toyotas etc but rarely the expensive cars. It will creep in I guess…eventually.


Cars that I have seen other colors all over the place:

Mini Cooper
Toyota (Yaris)
Honda (Fit)
Nissan (Tiida)


Yeah I wasn’t thanks though Mom


On my way to work on the scoots this morning. Same route, stopping at the same traffic lights, turned into the same road and same state of half awake half asleep throughout the commute.

Lo and behold, 10 meters before my final turn into the parking lot, there’s a banged up scooter parked on the side of the road and a dude next to it wiping his ass. There’s…a LOT of people around and he’s two steps away from the road.

When you gotta go…you gotta go? Been trying to get that shit out of my head ever since.



And you didn’t take a photo? That’s the kind of real life documentary photography that ends up winning international awards…what a missed opportunity.