Wack Things in Taiwan 2018





Yeah…talk about turning shit into gold.


“One man’s sudden explosive diarrhea is another man’s cover of National Geographic”


Recently had the driver of a small truck (white, not blue) stop at the crosswalk for me when he clearly had time to make the turn without stopping. It was such a rare occurrence so I was really surprised. I thought, “maybe he was from Taipei”.


Usually, drivers honk at the pedestrian to tell them to move faster. hehe.


Maybe it was the one who almost run me over and whose car I kicked because of that. Learned his lesson, apparently. :slight_smile:


My favorite is honking in the middle of the intersection. Dude, you would’ve already been hit by that point!


Not to toot my own horn, but I do this on a regular basis on my scoots.

I don’t blame the pedestrians, but I hate how they think I have right of way and wait for me to pass before crossing.

Nonetheless, it’s sometimes funny to see their dumbfounded reaction of me letting them go first.


I do this too, and the expressions I get from pedestrians are priceless.



is that an art installation? There must be a deeper meaning.


The composition of the colours, the bold stroke of the brush. Aesthetic


I don’t think it’s art. Obviously a bus driver put those pylons there to make sure someone else does not park in “his spot.”



It looks to me like it’s to stop people from driving into the pole because the stripes aren’t enough. :idunno:


Looks to me like a blind one-arm monkey painted that yellow line.


Not happy with the options on your Porsche? Just return it via crash!


Chu said in a public statement that he ‘regretted’ his actions - and then claimed he crashed into the business while swerving to avoid a car running a red light.



Your is truly rare.
This morning I saw young kids try to cross at a school cross walk while parents driving cars ignored them and sped right by. I see so many close calls with kids everyday, no one really cares until something happens, and then it seems feigned.


Obviously,the pole is the problem.


It really is stupidity to put poles , in effect, in the road itself . Worse on country roads , so dangerous ,and avoidable in most cases . Sigh .