Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



Around 10% of the NHS budget goes on Type 2 Diabetes.


Apparently it’s about 25% including all obesity-related disesases (diabetes plus its complications, CVD, orthopedic problems, etc)


Diabetes is very common in Asia too. Also some diabetes aren’t related to obesity (though a lot are).


Type 2’s almost always obesity. It can easily be cured through massive weight loss.

EDIT: 60-80% of the time with Europeans. Not really almost always.


Obesity and diabetes both have the same underlying cause - a malfunction in carbohydrate metabolism, usually driven by repeated and excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates. We get a lot of Koreans at the restaurant, and it’s pretty obvious why Koreans were once diabetes-free and now are not: they subsist on pot noodles. Everywhere they go, they’ve got the obligatory pot noodle. They sit down for breakfast or dinner, and they’ve got their pot noodle to eat on the side. I suspect something similar is happening elsewhere - supersized sugary tea and the like.

This sort of thing flies under the radar of health authorities, but human metabolism is brittle: it can cope with a certain amount of abuse and then caves in catastrophically given a relatively small increment in junk. All closed-loop systems exhibit this failure mode.

As BiggusDickus said, it’s easily reversible (as long as you don’t let it proceed uncontrolled for decades) simply by removing the inputs that caused it in the first place.


I mostly agree with this, and I happen to know one of the world’s leading metabolic scientists who is Taiwanese (he’s not known as such but he should be ) . There are markers of diabetes that you can detect up to ten years in advance of getting the disease, branched chain amino acids …which result from the disturbed metabolic pathways. Everybody should be screened for them, and then strongly encouraged to develop healthier habits and behaviours .

Diabetes in Asians presents itself a bit differently, possibly because BMI doesn’t correlate well between Western and Asian ‘bodies’ or very likely there are some other drivers in their genetics not directly connected to obesity (although obesity is still the main correlation ).


Eslite bookstore, in Taipei main train station, doesn’t sell newspapers, and doesn’t seem to be one place in all of Taipei Station and underground that sells International newspapers.


they can be fat and enjoy it, no problem. just shut up about it, theres nothing they can say to change my mind. they look awful.


Having an extreme body shape is only going to be sexually attractive to fetishists. People may be attracted to a person for many other, much more important, reasons; however it’s delusional for people to try to argue that there’s sexual attraction involved.

I’m middle aged. Young people are not going to be sexually attracted to me (apart from the occasional odd one). This is simply a fact and it would be preposterous for me to argue otherwise.


I don’t think they’re available in the airport either. I haven’t seen an international newspaper here in ages, although I haven’t looked for a while - years back I used to get the International Herald Tribune at eslite, but I don’t think that paper even exists now.

(But if you’ve got a Kindle account you can buy the Kindle edition of many newspapers for USD$1.99, and have it on your phone / tablet in a few seconds.)

Damn, remember when it was normal to have to duck around opened newspapers on the MRT?!


Near my house within 6 weeks the speed limit was changed 3 times. Originally was 70 kph then went to 50 kph…then back to 70 kph….then finally to 60 kph. I heard that when was changed to 50 kph the locals complained so was put back to original speed…not sure why then put at 60 kph.

Then speed changed so often sometimes the speed limit painted on the road differed from the signs posted…and the different directions of traffic had different posted speeds.

For the speed painted on the road at first they tried some creating painting to change the speed which made the signs unreadable. Now they painted over the old speed signs with black paint and have a whole new design.

I was caught speeding when speed dropped to 50 kph…just forgot about the speed change since have driven this road hundreds of times.


Thought this was me then I remembered I’ve never walked with a girl


Wow this must be the most shallow and misogynistic discussion I’ve ever read in my entire life.


You’ve clearly never spent much time in working men’s clubs.

Anyway … you do understand that ‘misogynistic’ means a deep dislike or hatred of women? Exactly where do you see such hatred in this thread?


Somewhat equally misandrist.


Not approving of the normalization of morbid obesity is misogynistic?


That’s what you were saying at all. You were calling women ugly and fat left and right as if obesity among men were any better.


Show me where I said that. And the thing is, it only seems to be women going for all that “fat positive” rubbish. Guys that are fat slobs realize that they’re fat slobs.


Lol no. Guys that are fat slobs call themselves “nice guys”.


The fat slobs I know call themselves fat slobs. I’ve never met a fat man who thought he was “big and beautiful.”