Wack Things in Taiwan 2018





The story he told was that Spielburg was explaining the complex scene of how he was going to defeat the man, and he said something to the effect of 'Wouldn’t it be easier if I just shot him?" And Spielburg thought it was funny and went with that.


Here’s something wack: in my neighborhood there is a nice little sushi bar. There is a kitty who belongs to the owner of a boutique right next door to it. All day long she prowls around her front porch, her nose permeated with the scent of fish, and yet…there is no fish to be had immediately before her. Occasionally she sits on the step of the sushi bar and looks through the automatic glass door to scream her terrible desire.


I’m buying whatever they are advertising.


Last night a friend gave me a lift to the Changhua Telecom shop, so I could pay my bill. He noticed a Steak restaurant nearby , and we both had dinner. Then he was going to a party and took me along , as I know most of the people that were going. One thing led to another, and I returned home at 6.30 am :crazy_face: I only set out to pay my phone bill.




If you ever went for a BBQ at 1:30 AM until 4:00 AM on a farm in the mountains on a Thursday night, you’ve been in Taiwan!


"A doctor in Tainan warned about the dangers of reactive hypoglycemia, or post-meal low blood sugar, after a 58-year-old woman developed symptoms following a buffet lunch.

The woman, surnamed Liu (劉) …"

Does it matter what her surname is?


I am interested. Do you have a link to the article or your source? Thanks



That should be titled: “We couldn’t be asked to find any real news so we’re going to write about this.”
And under that: “It’s K-man’s day off, but a foreigner ran a red light so we’re going to make a big deal about that.”



First Bank ATM, thought someone running up behind me to steal money.


Note to self; Beware of Gangsters if they interact using English.
Taiwanese is ok though?


You’ve been here a long time already, I’m surprised that’s the first time you’ve seen it.


Congratulations, you spell worse than a Taiwan ATM. :+1:


I only use certain ATMs this was the first here.


An abei on the bus just about blew me away by farting with tremendous force in my general direction.


It’s a sign of good luck.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


‘The gangster’? Which one?